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4 Tricks To Make Your Cat Eye Liner Look Better

 The perfect cat eye liner look is definitely a thing of beauty. It’s also a technique that can be fairly difficult to master if you aren’t skilled with a liquid liner. That jet-black diva-worthy colored eye liner can be your new best friend if you know the tricks to using it well.

 The ultimate cat eye needs to be performed with a strong bold look and the right eye liner to be effectively gorgeous. Buy the best one you can afford with a well-inked tip. As far as your makeup look goes you can for day or night change up the thickness depending on how dramatic you want your makeup to be. Here are 4 tricks to make your cat eye liner look better with an envious flare you’ll get compliments on.

Trick #4: Use A Piece Of Tape

 If you have trouble getting the winged-end of the cat eye to angle up just right, grab a piece of scotch tape. It’s fairly gentle on the skin to be removed with ease from the eye area on the outer edge of each eye. You can get a little bit of the stickiness off to make it even easier to remove by tapping the piece of tape against the back of your hand a couple of time. Then apply to the outer edge of your eye at the angle you wish and you have a guide for exactly where the liner should go. This will help it to be drawn on evenly with both sides when you have the tape as you guide.

Trick #3: Draw An Outline

Sometimes it’s easier to draw a stronger line over a muted guideline. This is where a light taupe, soft blonde, or even a white eye liner comes into play. Draw your perfect cat eye line with that first and then go over it with your black liquid liner. It’s so much better to score the right line when you have an initial line in place as your guide.

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Trick #2: The “Dot, Dot, Dot” Trick

When you don’t have the steadiness of hand to draw an even continuous line along your lash line, you can do the “dot, dot, dot” technique. With the pointed tip of the liquid eye liner, paint on little dots along the lash line until there are so many of them that they evenly connect into one effortless line. Ta-da! Your eye is done in a much simpler way that doesn’t make liquid eye liner so difficult.

Trick #1: Clean Up Your Mistakes Quickly

The trick to cleaning up mistakes is to do it fast. Most liquid eye liners dry to a non-smudging finish within seconds, but you do have some time to clean up errors with a pointed Q-Tip and some micellar water, if you work fast. Keep your Q-Tip on hand ready to go, resting on your vanity, dipped in the micellar water, so you can access it immediately if you make a mistake.

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