What are your two favorite brands from the STYLEFAV website?

Describe your personal style?

Maggie MacDonald (my favorite youtuber) is a huge inspiration for my personal style – she is always so well put together and I love how she can create a polished look but also create amazing casual/streetwear. I love her boldness and confidence when it comes to fashion.

What is your favorite item of clothing in your closet?

My favorite article of clothing in my closet would have to be this mini bright orange cheetah print dress that I wore when I went to Arizona for the first time!

Celebrity girl crush and why?

My celebrity girl crush is a major tie between Hailey Bieber and Ariana Grande. They are both so open and vulnerable with their emotions, have great style, and seem like very down to earth people.

What inspired you to start blogging and vlogging?

Maggie MacDonald inspired me to start vlogging. I had never really gotten on Youtube besides when I was small and did not know that this kind of content existed on YouTube – when I found Maggie she totally changed my life and gave me confidence to do things I never thought I would do! I was inspired by Kenzie Burke to start blogging on my health account. I am very into cooking nutritious and healthy foods as well as mental health and fitness. My health account has changed my life!

Favorite place you’ve travelled to?

I think my favorite place that I have traveled to is definitely Cancun. I am a big ocean girl and love soaking up the sun with a drink in my hand and a good book.

Hiking or yoga?

That is tough. I think hiking is probably my favorite because you get to look around at all of nature’s beauty and feel grounded on the earth. Bonus – when you reach your destination on your hike you can always do some meditation or yoga on the hike as well!

How do you prepare for a trip?

To prepare for a trip I make a list of everything I will need for each day, organize it into piles for which look/accessories go with what, and neatly pack everything into my luggage!

What has your greatest adventure been?

My greatest adventure has been knowing I haven’t found it. I have grown so much in a year span and so much has changed in a year! I don’t think I have encountered my greatest adventure yet, my journey has only just begun!

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

I think the best advice I have been given is to be yourself. There is nothing more important than human connection, and I believe by being yourself you are able to find your true people and your own truth.
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