What are your two favorite brands from our STYLEFAV website?

Picture yourself in three years what are you wearing?

My style grows with me and I also like to try new things as well. I can’t tell for sure what i’ll be wearing in three years but I will definitely continue to wear crop tops and accessories.

Which fashion era would you have liked to be a part of? 80’s 90’s etc.

I would have loved to be part of the 90s and early 2000s era! the 90s had so much effortless looks, and the 2000s had so much pink and rhinestones!

List 5 pieces every girl should have in her fashion collection.

5 pieces every girl should have would be some good quality baggy jeans , multiple solid coloured tank tops which can also be converted into crop tops, a black shoulder bag, brown or clear rimless sunglasses, and a denim skirt .

What are 3 must have accessories you think every girl should own and why?

Every girl should have a shoulder bag or a pochette bag! They’re super stylish and go with every outfit! They also fit a lot of items. Sunglasses are also a must! They protect your eyes and also complete an outfit. The last accessory I would recommend having would be claw clips! They’re super versatile, and you can do a cute 90s updo in a second!

What is your favorite fashion item?

My favourite fashion item would be solid coloured crop tops! They go with every outfit, you can never go wrong with one.

What are the first items you gravitate towards when shopping?

The first item I gravitate towards are cool and creative jeans, since they can be used with a plain top, and accessories, and it would look like you put a lot of time into your outfit.

What are your current fashion obsessions?

My current obsession is low rise jeans! A lot of people hate low rise jeans but i personally love the way they look with a baby tee. Another obsession of mine would be baggy jeans with graphics or paintings on them! My last obsession would be rimless sunglasses. I love them sooo much and they really elevate an outfit!

If you could go back in time and tell your past self DON’T WEAR THAT! Describe which outfit would that be?

I have absolutely no regrets in anything I wear or do. Even if something looked ugly, it was a learning experience.

What’s the most expensive clothing item you’ve ever bought and why?

I don’t like to spend too much on my clothes, but I love to invest in my accessories since I repeat them more. The most I spent was $975 for a Louis Vuitton Pochette Felicie, which I recently traded for a Dior and a Prada bag, which I thought was a steal.

What item in your closet do you wear the most?

The item I wear the most is my baggy jeans which I stole from my moms closet. I also wear a cropped tank top often.
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