Two words that best describe you.

I consider myself an extremely Solar person, I always laugh and I’m reliable, and now it is difficult to find people you can really trust, and I consider myself one of those people.
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What are your two favorite brands from our STYLEFAV website?

What inspires you?

Since I was a child I was a very creative child, I take inspiration from what surrounds me and above all from my mood, I am a moody person.

Digital or print fashion publication?

This is a very frequent question, let’s say that opening a magazine and leafing through the pages is a priceless feeling, but let’s say that people are opening magazines less and less because our desire for information is largely satisfied by the web. I personally prefer paper fashion.

How would you describe your Instagram aesthetic and how did you develop it?

I define my Instagram style as “AESTHETIC”, let’s say that I am a lot behind what I post on Instagram, I make sure to take original photos and in theme with my style.

When did your love of fashion and style start?

My love for fashion was not born, this passion was born with me, since I was a child I loved to dress in fashion and I was passionate about fashion shows, just like now. I am always in step with new trends!

How would you describe your personal style and how did you develop it?

Personal style is something that matures over time, I simply choose the clothes I feel most comfortable with and that reflect my personality.

How has this year impacted your personal style?

This pandemic has greatly influenced my way of dressing, let’s say that I spent most of the year at home, and therefore I wore more comfortable clothes.

How do you feel about fashion trends , and have any trends becoming staples in your personal style?

I believe that fashion trends do not affect the personal style of each of us, they simply adapt. I follow trends a lot because I am passionate about fashion, I have studied fashion for 5 years and I believe that each of us in this sector never stops learning.

What are 5 winter pieces you think every girl should own and why?

I believe that every woman has the 5 winter must-haves, for example I cannot go without wearing coats, of any fabric and model, then I believe that high boots, leather pants, oversized leather blazers cannot be missing. and gold jewelry!

Describe the outfit that makes you feel the most confident.

The one that I love to wear and with which I feel very comfortable are the Tailleur , of any color and model. I love them and I believe that in every woman’s wardrobe they should never be missing!

What is the last fashion piece you purchased?

A little while ago I bought Bottega Veneta’s THE LEAN boots, I love them!
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