What inspired you to start fashion blogging?

Weirdly I started blogging to promote my novels. I was writing stories drawing on my experience In the fashion industry. One of my characters In a novel called ‘Palmerstone and Company’ became a blogger for the fictional shop and I started my blog under her name Hattie4Palmerstone.

Who is your style icon and why?

I have many. Mostly the designers who changed fashion from elitist Couturier to something that we could all aspire to. I guess Yves Saint Laurent would be up there, and Brit designers Mary Quant and later Vivienne Westwood. On the street I admire women who have nailed their own style. Famous examples would be Kate Moss, Emanuelle Alt, Kate Lanphear, Anine Bing, Alessandra Ambrosio. The constant for me Is the rock ‘n’ roll vibe.

What’s the best style advice you’ve received?

From my mother. She used to tell me to save up and buy one good thing rather than buying lots of cheap stuff. Of course when I was a teenager I thought she was crazy. By the time I reached the grand old age of 26 I got It and have followed her advice consistently since.

Do you have any personal rules when putting together an outfit?

Don’t obey rules and don’t wear anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Describe your favorite outfit?

I don’t really have a favorite outfit, In fact I try not to wear the exact same thing twice. My USP Is mixology! The core Items that make up my favorite style are skinny jeans, tees, ankle boots and a biker jacket, tux or duster. I don’t like to look like I’ve made an effort.

Boots or sneakers?

Well I do wear sneakers but I have to say boots. This Is the constant Item In my closet on which I spend the most money!

What are some fashion brands you think our readers should know about?

My fashion buying Is a bit eclectic and I like to mix high end with high street and I do not like a head to toe designer look at all. For favorite wear forever tees I like LNA and Splendid, and a go to here In Europe, where I spend most of my time, American Vintage. I still wear a pair of Levi 501s which are so old that there Is more patch than original denim! I also like J Brand and Frame. I like French brands Zadig &Voltaire and Iro for their rock chick/boho vibe and sometimes buy from The Kopples and BA&SH. For more on trend affordable Items the Spanish high street brands Zara and Mango. For one off pieces my go to designers are Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, Burberry now that the Brit brand has the Italian Riccardo Tissi at the helm, and Alexander Wang.

What are some fashion tips and tricks you can offer to our readers?

My philosophy Is to Invest In pieces that are versatile. I like to mix things up a bit and you will see from my Instagram posts that I like to show different ways to wear the same Item. Also I spend most of my budget on accessories. An Iconic bag or pair of boots can really make a simple look standout. I’m also a bit of a sucker for belts and scarves as well, and of course jewelry can personalize an outfit and make It sing. I’m a collector of modern bold pieces, usually made of silver and black leather.

What was your favourite fashion era and why? (80’s 90’s etc)

Difficult. I’m actually a very much In the moment kinda gal! But I definitely recreate looks from my past when the eras make a reappearance on the runways of the world. For Instance recently I’ve been channeling the 80s vibe with shoulder pads and blazer sleeves pushed up to the elbow, just like I wore it back in the day. In reality I am fascinated by all forms of art and design, which I studied at art school many years ago, and particularly love the creativity of the fashion Industry.
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