What are your two favorite brands on our STYLEFAV website?

What is your absolute favorite thing about NYC?

I love how much there is to do. I don’t live in the city but I live a train ride away so I’ve been to the city probably 10 times throughout my lifetime and everytime I go down, there’s always something new to experience! NYC truly is the city that never sleeps!

Who or what inspires you?

I get a lot of my inspiration from other creators. I love to build relationships with other people which is why I started social media in the first place. Instagram has allowed me to embrace my creative mindset & also to spread kindness to everyone I come across at the same time!

Describe your creative process for creating content?

I usually create my content around my outfits first. I’ll choose an outfit I really want to shoot, and then I’ll pick a prop, followed by a location to go along with it and go from there! Of course there are situations where I’ll want to get some seasonal shots in (especially for holidays) so I’ll choose a concept or location first, and outfit second! When I get stuck, I look to pinterest and mood boards in my saved collection on IG!

What are some tips and tricks you can offer our readers for creating content?

If you love something, NEVER GIVE UP. For the longest time, I was so afraid of not being able to capture what was in my head in terms of my concept, so I just did nothing but it ate away at me. There’s been countless times where I’ve reshot a concept over & over until I was really proud or satisfied with it. It’s a LOT more work than you’d think, but if you love it, it’s worth it! I also really recommend writing a mission statement, or your “why” you want to create and what you want to accomplish with digital content creation. Every morning after I write in my gratitude journal, I read it to myself. It really helps you stay on track and not stray too far from what you want to create. Lastly, I’d recommend focusing on community over numbers. A number is just a number, but building genuine relationships with your audience will be so much more rewarding in multiple ways. IDK what I’d do without my IG besties!

Instagram or YouTube?

This is a really hard question to answer because I started with YouTube but over the last 6 months, Instagram has been seriously filling a void that YouTube has never come close to filling for me. Don’t get me wrong, YouTube will always have a special place in my heart and I think I’ll always want to make videos, but I don’t know how consistent I’ll be with it. With Instagram, I seem to be under less pressure, constantly inspired and have made way more friendships on IG than I ever have in my 3 years of YouTube creation!

How would you define fashion?

I believe fashion is someone’s form of individuality. There are literally hundreds of brands with hundreds of colors, textures, styles etc. It’s like an endless spectrum of creation. I’m drawn to it because it allows me to show who I am as a person without even having to speak. Not to mention my personal style shows versatility & openness in my personality.

What inspired you to start documenting your fashion moments?

I don’t think I can say any one thing inspired me. I think it was a combination of my love for fashion, content creation and wanting to be a positive influence on social media! Fashion just happens to be something that regularly reminds me to be true to my roots!

Do you have any fashion rules when putting together an outfit?

Just one: HAVE FUN. I don’t think rules should exist in fashion, just like I don’t think there are any rules with content creation. Fashion is all about self expression and if you can’t be completely free to live every day like it’s coachella if you wanted to then what’s the point? No two personalities are exactly the same (Shoutout to my 3w2 enneagrams) which means every personal fashion sense is different too. (No, I’ve never been to coachella, but if that’s how you wanna dress I’m all for it! haha)

Describe your favorite outfit.

I don’t know that I have a favorite if I’m being honest. I can easily go from a cute loungewear co-ord to a boho flowy maxi dress to a graphic tee and combat boots without blinking an eye. I honestly love all of those choices equally and It really just depends on my mood & what I’m choosing to create that day! If you asked my husband, his idea of a perfect outfit is jeans and a hoodie LOL

What are 5 fashion must-haves you think every girl should own?

Your favorite pair of denim shorts, a flowy maxi dress, a fun jumpsuit or romper, an abundant graphic tee collection & a comfy two piece set to lounge in! You can’t go wrong. (Matt would like to remind us that hoodies exist.)
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