What are your two favorite brands from our STYLEFAV website?

I have loved Scotch & Soda for years; they have the prettiest feminine flare with all of their pieces. Levi’s are also one of my go-tos, especially the straight leg and wide leg fits. They are so flattering on everyone!

Can you explain to our reader what exactly is a digital creator?

A digital creator can be anyone! It’s amazing how many creative outlets we have available on our computers and phones. There are also tons of ways to share our creative content to inspire others and build on each other’s ideas.

Describe your creative process?

I keep a note in my phone that is reserved for ideas. One of my main creative outlets is photography and modelling, so most of the ideas are concepts for photoshoots. And inspiration is EVERYWHERE. I’ve been inspired by famous paintings, makeup looks on Gossip Girl, the magazines at Home Depot with the year’s most popular paint colors, behind-the-scenes photos from Paris Fashion Week, and everything in-between. I always have a running list on my phone to keep me on the lookout for anything inspiring that I can find throughout the day.

Where do you find inspiration?

I already jumped to answer this one in the last question, but I’ve found that the more I look for inspiration, the more I find it. It is so easy to get stuck looking at Pinterest and Instagram for all of our inspiration (hint: me!!). But when I started taking notes and pictures of even the smallest things that inspire me throughout the day, I started finding more and more. And I feel like that has really boosted my creativity!

What is your favorite and least favourite aspects of the digital creating process?

I love coming up with concepts. I could come up with ideas and storyboards all day long! It’s the execution part that I struggle with, especially when it isn’t turning out how I had pictured. Once I’ve decided on a direction, it’s really hard for me to branch outside of that. One thing I’ve found to combat that is to push myself creatively in the post-production process. Layering different photos in Photoshop can do wonders for a “failed” photo, and it’s another fun creative outlet to explore.

What tools do you use when creating? (Apps, books etc.)

Honestly, my #1 tool is probably YouTube. Haha they have tutorials for everything on there! It’s a great resource if you want to build your skills and come up with new ideas. The programs I use most frequently are, of course, Photoshop and Lightroom. Last year I did a lot of experimenting with my scanner, which is another frequent tool. I scan drawings, prints, and even patterns from my clothes so I have more cool shapes to layer with in Photoshop. For editing apps, I generally use the Tezza app and Mextures.

What advice would you offer to someone aspiring to create digitally?

GO FOR IT. That is the most cliché answer, but it is so true! I used to get so stuck in the “planning” phase. I felt like I needed a new camera, new lenses, new clothes every week, and trips to cool locations every month to be able to create good content. Then when I finally got started creating, I didn’t want to post any of it because it rarely turned out as good as I had imagined. But honestly, pushing myself to create content and post it consistently is what really helped me start growing as a creator. You can think about it and plan it out all you want, but you won’t get anywhere without diving in head-first and just doing it. I love to look back at my feed from years ago to see how much I have grown since then! And I hope that I’ll be able to look back and say that every year. That’s what is so addicting about being a digital creator; there is always something new to try and some way to improve.

How would you describe your Instagram aesthetic?

It’s definitely got a really colorful, vintage vibe!

How would you describe your personal style?

Such a good question! I have a lot of timeless, neutral pieces that I like to pair with really loud and unique pieces. You will always find me with statement pieces like big gold earrings, silver platform boots, or colorful scarves that I’ve picked up around the world.

What influences and inspires your personal style?

I’m currently loving all of the 70s trends! I’ve always loved exploring antique and thrift stores, and I find lots of fashion inspiration there. I also have several fashion icons that I follow – Alexa Chung and Zendaya are two of my current favorites. I also share a lot of my fashion inspirations on my Instagram stories!

What’s the last fashion item you purchased and why?

I just got this bright orange, pinstriped suit. The pants are wiiiiide legged and are actually long enough for my 5’9 frame. It looks like I stepped right out of the 60s or 70s and I’m obsessed with it! I got it because it is so versatile – I can wear the blazer and pants together for a funky yet formal look, pair the blazer with some ripped denim to have a classy yet casual look, or wear the pants with a simple white top to bring some color into any outfit.
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