What fashion era would you have liked to be a part of? 80’s 90’s etc.

I am a huge fan of the leather skirts, leather jackets. and colorful/plaid blazars that Princess Diana wore in the 90’s so I definetly would have loved to be part of the 90’2 fashion era!

List 5 pieces of every girl should have in their fashion collection.

I think every girl should have white/black basic t-shirts , a little black dress , a belt, a good pair of skinny jeans, and some strappy heels for a night out!

What are 3 accessories you think every girl should own?

I think every girl should have a gold/silver watch, pair of small simple hoops, and necklaces you can layer!

Describe your personal style.

I feel like I either dress super casual or super dressed up, nothing in between! It’s either sweats or a cocktail dress!

What kind of message do you think your personal style sends?

I think my personal style screams confidence, whether I’m in a baggy t-shirt with leggings or a fitted dress, I always wear clothing I am comfortable and confident with wearing and the rest is all about how I present yourself!

What is your favorite type of silhouette?

It’s a battle between the hourglass silhouette or the empire silhouette!

If you could go back in time and tell your past self DON’T WEAR THAT! Describe which outfit that would be.

I remember gr.7 was the year I started playing around with organizing my outfits, and I used to wear short shorts with a tube top that didn’t match. Time machine please!

How do you feel about fashion trends and what is one fashion trend that has become a staple in your personal style?

I think fashion trends are great, however I limit myself to only following a few, just to minimize unnecessary spending and hoarding. My favorite fashion trend has become a staple in my personal style is a baggy shirt with fitted pants or vice versa, I think it always gives an outfit volume and dimension!

What are the last three fashion items you bought?

I recently bought a white summer dress that can be dressed up or down, a pair of comfy mom jeans, and a pair of beige sandals!

What item in your closet do you wear most?

I always wear black mom jeans with the matching jean jacket !
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