How would you describe your Instagram aesthetic?

I would describe my Instagram aesthetic as soft and calming.

What inspires your Instagram content?

I’d say, what really inspires my content is how I evolve in life. In each part of my life I have new discoveries within myself and within my art and it literally inspires the content that I create.

How did you develop your Instagram aesthetic?

Developing my instagram aesthetic was actually a process that took years. I started with using three different photos of me in a row so that it would create a clean more put together look. Over the years I began to realize instagram isn’t always just about just me but the things that make up who I am. So my aesthetic really began to flow into many things that interest me along with splashes of my style.

What tools do you use to maintain your Instagram aesthetic?

I mainly use an App called UNUM. It really has helped me over the years with planning out my feed before posting and keeping everything organized.

Digital or Print fashion publications?

I love them but if I had to choose I’d definitely say print.

Where do you find inspiration for your personal style?

I feel like I find inspiration from all around me. Whether that be simply someone dressed fashionably in the store or other bloggers that I see on my timeline. I also pull from trends that I love and make it into my own.

Who are your style icons?

Of course Queen Rihanna and Patricia Bright.

If you could collaborate with any fashion luxury brand, which brand would it be and what would you like to create?

I would LOVE to create for Chanel. I actually have a couple ideas since they are not only limited to handbags. I would definitely want to create something fun with their nail polishes with different designs and show casing various colors in creative ways.

What are some of your current fashion obsessions?

I’ve been really loving silk scarves worn as head pieces or as a top, puff sleeve dresses , Bermuda shorts and open back crop tops.

What are some up and coming fashion brands you think our readers should know about?

One brand in particular is called, Hanifa. They are a WOC owned brand and recently just created a digital 3D runway showcasing their newest collection. It was groundbreaking and they have uhhh-mazing quality clothing pieces!
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