What is your absolute favorite thing about Denver?

The mix of people. Almost everyone is a transplant and are looking to meet new people and try something new!

What are 2 things everyone must do when visiting Denver?

Everyone needs to go to the mountains and stop by Denver Biscuit Company for brunch.

What is your favorite thing to do in Denver?

Visit new restaurants and throw creative, themed parties with our friends!

Where is the best place to eat in Denver?

I love options so I will give a low, medium and high end option: McDonalds, Taki Sushi, and Guard & Grace.

What’s the last thing you googled?

How many ounces in a pound. (I’ve been doing a lot of cooking during social distancing and quarantine)!

How would you describe your Instagram aesthetic?

A colorful, neutral combination.

How do you create and plan out your Instagram content? What tools do you use? (Camera(s), editing apps/software etc.)

I plan out my Instagram grid in UNUM and then I do most of my editing in the Lightroom app. I love to buy 3-5 presets and play around with them!

How would you describe your personal style? And What are some of your go to fashion brands?

My style evolves year over year but a few things that stay the same are my tendency to lean towards urban preppy pieces and mix them with casual “boyfriend” looks. There are so many brands I love but what I wear the most are: Suburban Riot, Articles of Society, Anine Bing, Everlane, Marc Fisher and Who What Wear.

List must-have fashion pieces every girl should own.

Hand down, black jeans! (And if you’re like me, own 6-10 pairs of them).

What are three songs that have to make it to your life’s soundtrack?

Love on Top – Beyonce
Coming Home – Leon Bridges
Tennessee Whiskey – Chris Stapleton