What are your two favorite brands from our STYLEFAV website?

It is hard to pick only two, but I will say 7 For All Mankind and Scotch & Soda .

Picture yourself in 10 years what are you wearing?

Ten years is a lot time from now and I do not know how I will be at this time. However, I love what I am doing now and I hope to be even better. Fashion change every season so trends! I always being myself when I wear clothes, so in 10 years I would like to be more free wearing clothes from women’s section and create sick outfits. Moreover, even though I love thrifting I would like to discover brands that they do not harm the environment.

Who is your fashion icon?

My fashion icons are all the bloggers / digital creators that I am following because they are trying to be creative and unique. For me, followers are just a number and I am starring those who love what they are doing.

Where do you go to be fashion inspired?

A walk in the closest park near my neighborhood is more than enough to get fashion inspired, so library! However, a good fashion resource is Pinterest where I can find plenty of pictures.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is minimal with vintage pieces and sometimes intensively colors, but it depends on the occasion and my mood.

What message do you think your personal style sends?

For me, it does not matter if clothes are cheap or expensive. All that matters is how you feel by wearing them. Wear whatever makes you happy, that’s my motto.

What are 5 pieces you think every guy should have in his closet?

Five pieces that every guy should have are good quality of a plain white shirt , white sneakers, blue jeans , white T- shirt and a black suit . I think by having these pieces every guy can build on them and create outfits.

What are 3 accessories you think every guy show own?

The three must accessories that every guy should have are, a silver watch, sunglasses and a silver bracelet. Everyday essentials.

What are some of your current fashion faves?

I am really into pastel colors this season! I believe because I am quite personal they emit happiness and calm the same time. Also, I love the Bowling shirts especially the oversized, I can wear them all day with everything!

What item do you wear the most from your closet and why?

I really do like oversized blazers, I think they are chic and simple at the same time. I can wear them at the everyday walk with pants and a white t shirt and on more special occasions.

If you could raid anyone’s closet who would it be?

Recently, I saw J Balvin’s closet because I am obsessed with how many pair of shoes he has. I would one hundred percent go for it!