What are your two favorite brands from our STYLEFAV website?

I LOVE Levi’s + Scotch & Soda , those two brands on Stylefav are go-to’s for me.

When did you fall in love with roller skating?

I fell in love with skating over quarantine; as most of us, I had a lot of big shifts in my world with COVID-19 and I am fortunate that they were all positive changes, one of them being roller-skating! Funny enough, I have thought about skating for a few years and decided that this is the perfect opportunity to go for it. Not to toot my own horn but I picked it up pretty quickly and it has immensely helped with my anxiety!!

What did your first pair of roller-skates look like?

When choosing my first pair of skates, I went with style over quality to see first how I liked skating (and honestly to see if I was even good lol). My first pair were cheetah print (my fav) but now they’re completely falling apart covered in duct tape and I have a flashy red pair of Moxi’s on the way!

If you could design your own pair of roller skates what would they look like?

I love that you asked this because I am actually, in a way, designing my own skate right now… but not a skate to sell lol. I currently am working on a project for Aesthetics school where we create a diagram of the anatomy of the skin and the more creative with the project the better! SO, I am painting my first pair of aesthetic roller skates! Ultimately, they will have an entire image of the skin anatomy all across the skates. Hopefully that makes sense ha-ha. My aesthetics Instagram is @skintimatewithjo and I am working on a series called Skincare + Skate, so maybe these will be the ones I skate in for that ha-ha!

How would you describe your personal style?

This is a loaded question because my style changes based on my moods honestly! My personal style is really influenced by the 60’s, 70’s and 90’s. I also love to mix femme and masculine styles. I would say daily, I keep it low-key with loose fitting styles but when I am feeling sassy or like a boss babe, catch me in an oversized blazer , bare chest with lots of gold detail, loose high waisted pant and a bold red lip with slicked back hair. I was a makeup artist, so I feel like I tend to focus on the makeup look to really pull an outfit and my style together.

What message do you think your personal style sends?

I hope that my personal style sends confidence and love who you are because this is how I feel when I walk around in my clothing. For a long time, I felt like I needed to dress the way OTHERS wanted me too and let’s be honest, that’s just *yawn*.

Describe the outfit that makes you feel the most confident?

I described an outfit I love about but honestly, I feel most confident in my roller-skating gear. This has been a really fun new way for me to tweak and play with my style! My favorite skate outfit is my white bell bottoms, orange sweater, short sleeve crop top , and orange floral head scarf.

What tips can you offer our readers about defining and developing their personal style?

When developing your personal style, play around and try other styles! Just because you try one styles doesn’t mean you are locked into it and can’t change your mind or feel beautiful and confident dressing a completely opposite way. Style is subjective and it would be incredibly boring if we didn’t try new things. In fact, when we’re stagnant, great things never happen unless we change the path, we’re on.

As an esthetician in training, what are some skincare myths you wish people would stop believing?

I wish people would stop believing that derma rollers at home outside of a professional setting are good for your skin. I am really big into verbiage and marketing because our world literally runs on marketing and its unfortunately so easy for consumers to believe all of these bogus skincare claims. On a microscopic level, Dermarollers essentially are creating triangle microtears in the skin that are much harder to heal (and different) than the punctures professional microneedling treatments cause. Dermarollers are bad trauma to the skin and when using them you are incredibly susceptible to bacterial infection, inflammation and long-term damage that may not arise for years. Also, please don’t believe chemicals are bad!! EVERYTHING in skincare is a chemical, including water.

What are tips you can offer to our readers on the hunt for a good cleanser?

When looking for a cleanser, its really important to understand first the skin type you have and what your goal is with the cleanser. If you do not know your skin type and using a cleanser that isn’t the best fit for your skin you are going to strip your moisture barrier (protective film, first line of defense from environmental damage) and more issues will arise. Are you oily and acne, needing a cleanser that will pull excess oil and provide a deep clean of the follicle? Gel or foaming might be for you. Are you dry and dehydrated meaning you need a creamy cleanser that’s lipid heavy and going to help restore moisture back into the skin? Creamy may be for you. You DO NOT need to spend a ton of $ on a cleanser, you can get a great cleanser in the $20-$35 range, save your money for serums!

Who is your favorite designer of all time?

My favorite designer is Rag & Bone for sure. I love the urban style and how low-key and easy to style without looking overly boujee for being a high-end designer brand. I also love that they use local production and sustainable practices. Call me crazy, but I sometimes even skate in my rag & bone joggers 🙂
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