What are your two favorite brands from our STYLEFAV website?

When did your love for beauty and fashion start?

I was always fond of beauty and fashion ever since I was a young girl. I wanted to do my mum or sister’s makeup and hair and play dress up. As I grew up into a woman, I started to receive many compliments from people about my makeup and style and constantly got asked about what products I used. This drove me to start my own beauty and fashion page on Instagram, which is now @justmyglam.

What is your earliest memory of make-up?

Back in high school when I first starting experimenting with makeup, I used to wear a very light powder all over my face… at least 3 shades lighter, and I wore green eye shadow with a brown lip. That was my everyday look and to this day I look back and laugh about how terrible I looked! What was I thinking?

What is your favorite make-up memory?

My favorite makeup memory was when I first started posting on Instagram. I created my first post worthy look and had bought my first DSLR camera to capture my look. When I saw the photos on my camera, I was so happy and proud to see how far I had come with my makeup skills. I also received so many positive comments on my post, which made me keep going and wanting to create more looks for my followers.

Where do you find inspiration for your make up look?

Aside from being a beauty influencer, I am also a graphic designer. This makes me a very creative person. Everything that I see around me is an inspiration to create a makeup look and to me, makeup is art. It allows me to express myself in ways that I can be proud of my creation.

Subtle natural or full glam look?

I love all makeup looks, because I think each one has its own charm and persona. If I have to choose one, it will definitely have to be full glam. I am a glam girl for sure!

How has 2020 impacted your personal style?

Of course with the pandemic in 2020, makeup and fashion has been impacted in many ways. For me, it has definitely impacted how I dress. I work from home and I basically live in my jammies. Having said that, I still like to dress at home for myself and give fashion tips to my followers on Instagram!

How would you describe your personal style?

My dominant style has to be classic. I like simple, clean and traditional pieces. I opt for a timeless look because the silhouette and colors rarely change. It’s often ladylike, classic and tailored. My combination style is avant-garde. I use fashion as an extension of my creativity and often wear pieces to make a dramatic statement. I usually have lots of black in my wardrobe.

What is your most worn piece in your closet and why?

Black jeans! I can pair them with a dressy top or blazer and heels for a classy night look or I can wear a cozy sweater with sneakers for a causal more relaxed look.

What are some styling tips you can offer our readers?

The best styling tip I can give to anyone is to always have some reliable wardrobe staples: little black dress, jeans that are a perfect fit, a classic blazer, simple shirts in neutral colors and of course a denim or leather jacket. When you learn to style these in different ways, you get a result that is certainly fashionable!

Describe the outfit that makes you feel the most confident.

Confidence to me means being comfortable and feeling sexy in the clothes you are wearing. I love wearing bodysuits paired with nicely fitted pants or jeans. I feel like this outfit accentuates the right curves of my body and compliments the overall silhouette.
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