What are your two favorite brands from our STYLEFAV website?

What inspires you?

Shattering glass ceilings, chasing my passions, challenging stereotypes and paving the way for women. All my life, I have been told that I am incapable of doing this or that – and that is the surest way to inspire me into action. I am inspired to make the ‘impossible become possible’ – to tackle a problem and never give up, no matter how challenging.
Water does not cut though a rock because it is strong. Water cuts through the rock because it never stops going at the rock. I appreciate persisting through the pain and hardship as it makes me stronger and defines who I am.

What did a typical day in your life look like before the pandemic and what does it look like now?

In a typical day in life before the pandemic, no one day is every the same in terms of the structure of flow. When I hit the hedge fund office in the morning, I usually start the day by turning on my computer screens and the world of finance springs into life.
After responding to emails and reading the news, we will then start with the meetings with my team where we discuss market updates, investment strategies and risk management strategies. After the morning team meeting, we move to execution. On my end, this involves meeting with potential hedge fund investors or institutional investors, pitching to them our investment strategies and sharing our proven track record. After work, I will drive down to gym. I love a good boxing or Muay Thai workout. Occasionally, I will attend fashion, beauty and yacht events.
Since the pandemic hit, the office has started operating remotely and most of my meetings, both internal and external, are conducted through zoom calls. My workout routine has remained largely the same after the nationwide lockdown although the coronavirus restrictions made it significantly difficult to secure a spot at the gym. Interestingly, some fashion events are now being held over zoom, with the media package (including food and drinks) being sent to the participant’s house.

What are 3 things that you must do every day and why?

Read Bloomberg news, track my investment portfolio and hit the gym. I love the world of finance and endorphins released after a good boxing workout.

Two guilty pleasures.

My Achilles’ heels: chocolate ice-cream and fast cars.

Describe your personal style?

Flamboyant Chic. My style is a reflection of my personality: unorthodox, bold and extravagant. As a non-conformist individual to rules or traditions, I like avant-garde garments, unstructured silhouettes, rich fabrics and unconventional cuts.

Do you have any fashion rules when putting an outfit together?

Slay unconventional looks by breaking every fashion rule. It is your life; wear whatever floats your boat.

Which fashion era would you have liked to be a part of and why? 80’s 90’s etc.

I would like be part of the fashion era of the future. Year 5050 or Year 7070ish? I reckon that it will be a futurist world where technology is heavily incorporated into fashion. Perhaps, my watch will double up as a fashion accessory and converts into a computer projector. We can also download fashion designs and print our apparels from 3D printers. It will be a great time to be alive.

List 5 pieces you think every girl should have in their accessories collection and why?

Wearable technology fashion accessories: a piece of smart jewelry, Apple Air Pods, iPhone charging purse, fitness tracking bracelet and a selfie phone case. Wearable technologies are life changing; you have to own a piece of the wearable world and your world opens up.

What do you love most about blogging?

It is a perfect platform to express my thoughts and ideas, raw and unfiltered.

What has been your greatest adventure so far?

Living and traveling solo in Thailand and United States. My greatest escapade: waking up to the sound the ocean, live by the beach, race to my fight camp, practice Muay Thai and sunbathing on the beach.
I also miss living at the orphanages’ construction site in the Philippines and Vietnam and laying bricks for their new schools with my bare hands. The living conditions were rough and the work was hard but the children were angels. After two weeks, I remembered my hands were covered in blood and cuts but to see the joy in the children’s faces when the project was complete more than made up for it. I also love teaching English and playing with them. One time, I had more than two dozen cute children hugging me and I have never felt so loved before. I miss them so much. I can’t wait to see them again when the borders open.
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