What are your two favorite brands from our STYLEFAV website?

Levi’s & GRLFRND – love their jeans!

What is one country you think everyone should visit once and why?

Everyone should visit Greece – go, book a ticket now! Greece looked like a postcard and I have never seen such blue water. The freddo cappuccino in Greece was also the best coffee I have ever had. I tried to recreate it and make my own but it just isn’t the same.

What is one country you’d visit over and over again and why?

Japan! It is impossible to see everything in one visit and there is a never ending list of things to experience in Japan – there is truly something for everyone. If you enjoy skiing there is Mount Fuji, if you like fashion there are several fashion districts, and if you love food well you’re in luck. I definitely want to plan a trip back to Japan and explore other regions.

What has been your greatest adventure?

My greatest adventure would have to be in Greece. A friend and I went there on summer break and we just kept getting ourselves into these situations that at the time were very frustrating, but made for such funny memories. One of which we got stranded in Santorini because we ran out of gas on our ATV. We were far out in the countryside and had to use someone telephone to call the ATV shop for help.

What’s the best advice you ever received and who was it from?

It’s funny because I actually have a journal that I named “The Book of Life Lessons From Strangers” where I write down life lessons I have learned from people I have met throughout my life – I try to find inspiration and learn from everyone I cross paths with. My favorite piece of advice I have written down is from a professor I had in third year – “try to become comfortable with the uncomfortable”. I still remember this and it has inspired me to become a better communicator even when a conversation with someone may be awkward or uncomfortable. It has also inspired me to speak my mind more and talk to someone when something is bothering me regardless if it will initiate an awkward conversation. After all, uncomfortable conversations usually end up being the most important conversations to have.

What does your dream vacation look like?

My dream vacation would be to invest in a camper van and renovate it to how I like – then travel all throughout North America the simplest I can live for about 2-3 months. One of my goals is to visit every national and provincial park!

City escape or island getaway?

Hmm, this one is a difficult one because I enjoy both. But, if I had to choose I would choose an island getaway. It is more relaxing, and since I am already from a city it’s a nice change.

How would you describe your Instagram aesthetic?

My Instagram aesthetic has a lot of blue tones in it. Blue is a very calming color and I always tend to gravitate towards it, it reminds me of the ocean and the sky. I also enjoy brighter colours and gravitate towards a vintage or retro photography style.

What photography tips and tricks can you offer our readers?

I remember a photographer told me – photography isn’t usually about what most people notice, but it’s about what most people don’t notice. The calmness of one’s eyes, the way the moon is sitting just above a building, how animals sit so comfortably in nature. Try to focus on the now and notice things you may have not noticed if you were caught up in your daily routines or in a rush. Examine your surroundings, take a deep breath, notice things, take photos of what stands out to you in the moment. Also, the beauty of photography lies in the storytelling; how every person may look at the same photo and create a different story in their head depending on past experiences, memories, personalities, etc. – it’s incredible.

What is your favorite part of creating content for your Instagram?

My favorite part about creating content is exploring different places to shoot and editing the photos. I love seeing the photo come to life with different combinations of color enhancements and presets, it also really adds one’s touch and style to the photo.

If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive who would it be and why?

Alan Watts or Harry Styles, lol I know two extremes. But, Alan Watts because he has so much wisdom and I would love to hear his perspectives about life and philosophy. I would have endless questions for him. While, Harry Styles because I loved One Direction when I was in highschool and it would be a dream – also I like his new vibe and would love to hear about his creative process!
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