What inspired you to become a content creator?

I became a content creator because I’ve always had this love for fashion and adventure and after being inspired by so many other fashion and travel influencers out there I decided to go for it myself because why not me? and why not you? There’s really not much that separates influencers from regular people aside from sponsorships and paid collaborations through social media. Otherwise, we’re all one in the same with a different story to share and that’s why I decided to just go for it and I’m so happy that I did.

What is your favorite type of content to create?

My absolute favorite content to create is along the lines of travel, health and wellness. I love traveling and learning about new places and cultures so travel content will always be my favorite content to produce. I am also a nursing student and avid fitness lover, so I love trying new fitness foods and discovering new fitness brands as well. I love yoga, going to the gym, dance and of course at home workouts which I am restricted to right now because of what’s going on with covid-19. Then, there’s the wellness category which really has to do with well being and self care which includes a range of things like eating healthy, skin care, meditation, yoga, breathing, and self reflection. Mental health is very important to me and I’d never sacrifice it for anything. I hope to share these messages through my social platform to uplift and hopefully inspire others to update their routines in a more healthy and positive way, if not already done.

What equipment advice would you give to aspiring content creators who are just starting out?

My advice would be to always be your authentic self. don’t ever try to copy what everyone else is doing or put your values aside to please others or the popular crowds. You just being genuine will attract the right crowd and audience to your brand and this is something I try to practice daily with social media is just being me and showing the world who Mikaylah is in my own ways. Everyone has a different method, so just find what works for you and surround yourself with people who will cheer you on and support you every step of the way! Also don’t be scared to reach out to some of the bigger influencers for guidance and help, some may not be responsive, but you’ll be surprised with how many responses you do actually get, so be bold and ask your best questions!

Does your Jamaican heritage impact the way you approach your blogging and content creation, if so how?

My culture hasn’t really had a huge influence on my content, although I always make sure to throw it in there here and there on my page, so people know where I’m from and just to show love for my culture and people, because I love being Jamaican and I’ve always been proud of my culture and where my parent and I come from. But, every so often I try to partner and do collaborations with Jamaican or Jamaican owned brands free of charge to pay homage to my roots as well. I just want people to be informed of the culture and the brands out there that promote Jamaican culture, so I really love working with Jamaican owned brands whenever I can and being able to showcase their pieces and products through my social platform. But, in the future I hope to incorporate my culture into more of my content and collaborations, especially when I’m traveling and talking about health and wellness because natural wellness remedies are very commonly used in my culture.

What are some travel essentials you think everyone needs when preparing for a trip?

I would recommend packing with travel cubes and to pack lightly. This is something that took me a while to learn, but packing light is the best thing when traveling, especially if you plan on hopping around from place to place. I remember my first huge trip that was 5 months of me traveling from country to country with two large suitcases a backpack and roller bag , it was madness and I will never do it again and I do not recommend it; so please pack light, for your back and to have space for souvenirs as well because that’s the best part of traveling too. Also, whenever you’re going somewhere where you don’t know the language, always be sure to practice some basic phrases to communicate and get around, this is very helpful and shows respect for their culture and language as well. Also, don’t travel with loads of cash throughout the day unless you’re going somewhere like Paris. Just remember to try and blend in and don’t draw too much attention to yourself, at least in a negative or embarrassing way. Lastly, always pack a comfortable pair of shoes if you’re the adventurous type and want to spend your days exploring. I’m not saying they have to be ugly, but make sure they’re a comfortable pair of shoes.

Sneakers, flats or heels?

This question is great. It really depends on the day, but all in all I’m actually a boot girl. I love wearing boots, tall or short, I always have a brown or black pair of boots wherever I go. But, if not boots, it would be sneakers for sure. I love heels, when I’m going out or the attire is dressy, otherwise I love my boots and sneakers.

Where has been your favorite place to travel and why?

My absolute favorite place to travel so far has been Italy. I am so obsessed with Italian people, Italian food, their language and the culture and I loved Italy so much. I really can’t wait to go back soon and relive the best moments I made there. Once I graduate and I’m all settled in my career, I plan to have a little home or cottage somewhere in Italy, so I can just visit every so often and whenever I want with my family. This is my dream. My favorite food has always been lasagna, so this was the first thing I ordered when I had a sit down dinner in Italy and I was in this magical paradise in my head when I ate it. Italy is just so romantic and beautiful overall, like you’re missing out if you’ve never been to Italy, everyone needs to experience Italian food, culture and life.

What is one country you think everyone should visit and why?

Other than Italy of course, I would say Spain. I really enjoyed my time in Spain. It was such a movie going there. The memories I made and the people that I met there will always hold a special place in my heart. I still talk to the people I met in Spain. They are my amigos for life and I was there during halloween and went to the craziest halloween party in Barcelona and had the best night ever with friends that I literally made within a day staying at this really cute beach hostel. We had paella, sangria, and so much great food. I will never forget Spain and I think it’s just another beautiful place to visit. Although I only went to Barcelona, I plan to visit Madrid, Ibiza, and Malaga in the future. But Spain has amazing food, drinks, parties, hookah lounges if you’re into that, activities, sites, everything.

What has been your greatest adventure been this far?

My greatest adventure ever would probably have to be my trip to Finland my senior year of high school. This was the first trip I ever took without my parents or family members. I applied through my school and went with nine other students from different schools. Luckily two of my friends from my school were chosen as well, so It was great going into the experience with friends. But I was the only student that had two host families. My first family there was from Florida and they were so adventurous and wild like me it was really a match made in heaven. They went to the gym daily, they took me on crazy adventures and I really learned a lot from this family. Then, my second family was brazilain, they were also so much fun, they were more chill and let me do my own thing, but they were nice enough to take me on a trip with them to Estonia for a weekend and they even bought me VIP concert tickets to the biggest music festival in Helsinki, Finland for me and a friend so I took one of my group friends with me and I had the best time with both families. Somedays I would even go out and explore the city all by myself too which was a lot of fun since I had never really traveled alone like that before this. I think this experience is what really started my journey and love for traveling and being comfortable doing solo trips by myself and traveling more to learn and explore. So I am so thankful for this experience.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

I know that I use social media a lot and usually I am always recording or taking pictures every chance I get, but the best moments are when I put my phone down and live in the moment. This has probably been the best advice that I’ve given and taken myself. Some days I like to put my phone and my camera away and just live in the moment. I also have friends that also do blogging, although my best friend doesn’t use social media as heavily as I do, the ones that do, always get caught up in their online lives that they somethomes can forget to live in the memonet and these are the moments that I never forget and cherish the most.
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