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Who is your favorite fashion icon?

My favourite fashion icon depends on my mood! My absolute favourite is Rihanna because she’s never afraid to challenge social norms, she’s able to make fashion appear so effortless and she always makes sure she’s inclusive for small and mainstream designers alike. It also doesn’t hurt that she hails from the islands like myself! I also love Dorothy Dandridge who embodies more of the classic, chic look that I wish I could display every day!

What are some of your current fashion obsessions?

Some of my current fashion obsessions are Mom Jeans with slight distress and a split hem which can be paired with a sleek heel or sneakers! I also adore corset tops which can be layered with dresses, t-shirts and almost anything you can think of. As the summer is quickly approaching, you’re most likely to find me ordering lots of high waisted denim shorts , gold jewellery and flowy tops !

Describe an outfit that makes you feel most confident.

An outfit that makes me feel the most confident would have to be a slip dress, a high ponytail and a pair of strappy stiletto heels! Slip dresses accentuate some of my favourite features, my collarbones and my toned back and are very comfortable for a night out! Paired with a high ponytail to snatch my cheekbones and stilettos to show off my legs, I can strut down any sidewalk feeling like Naomi!

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is interchangeable, it’s chic and it’s classic! On any day I could look as though I’ve stepped out of a different decade depending on my attire. My closet is filled with staples pieces that can be built up or kept simple which makes it easy to grow with. Lastly, I love to travel which I document on my travel page @nextupwithneek so I like to pull influence from the places I visit into my wardrobe even after I return home.

What is one fashion trend that has become a staple in wardrobe?

A fashion trend that has become a staple in my wardrobe is an oversized shirt dress ! I love this trend because it takes something that is more associated with men and formal suiting and makes it easy and accessible for anyone! I can dress this up by throwing up some heels and maybe even some jean shorts to grab drinks with friends or throw it on to go grocery shopping with a red lip and some sandals!

Did your island heritage impact the development of your personal style?

My island heritage definitely has an impact on the development of my personal style as I didn’t always have the resources to buy the things that I saw in the magazines so it forced me to get creative with the things that I did have! From a young age I learned how to repurpose old clothes to make the look happen! I also think my heritage focuses on being easy going and adaptable meaning that you don’t place too much emphasis on what you’re wearing because you never know what the day/life will throw at you! I think these fundamental concepts helped build my confidence and continues to craft my style!

What is one piece you think every girl should have in their wardrobe?

I think every girl should have is a nude bodycon dress! I think it compliments all skin tones and accentuates every curve! I find myself pulling my nude dress out of my closet every chance that I get! You can pair this with some nude sneakers for a YEEZY inspired look or some sleek black heels, a middle part and gold jewellery for a more classic look!

What was the best style advice you’ve ever received?

The best style advice I’ve ever received is not to pay attention to how much you paid for your clothes or whether or not people think it’s “in” but instead buy and wear things that works for you and make you feel good! As long as you feel confident in your clothing, that confidence will radiate through!

Burger or Salad?

As I don’t eat red meat, I’ll opt for a fresh salad with raspberries, strawberries and grilled chicken any day!

What are 3 songs that have to make it to your life’s soundtrack?

Three songs that have to make it to my life’s soundtrack would have to be:

Legend x Chronixx
Never Would Have Made It x Teyana Taylor
Bright x Kehlani
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