What is a day in the life of a content creator like?

A day in the life: I am also a senior, finishing up my collegiate career in Integrated Marketing Communications at Ithaca College. With this in mind my weekdays are busier than the average college student. I wake up and pour myself a cup of iced coffee (that I had brued the night before), make a protein shake, and post a picture that I had created before to make sure I can get two postings in a day. I open my emails, start my school work and check my instagram, apply for a job or two, then do a 45 minute workout. I also run a blog so creating content for Instagram and my blog go hand and hand. After a couple hours working, I take a break and put on an outfit that goes with my feed and take a couple pictures – or travel to a location close to me for cute pictures. I eat a late lunch, blog, and more school work. Later in the day, after I have finished most of my work, I cook dinner, create step-by-step stories of the drinks I make or the dinner I cook. Later in the evening I post the second picture and will occasionally post on my blog. I do my rigorous nightly skincare routine and head to bed to watch an episode of a show, and sleep.

What is your favorite and least favorite aspect of creating content?

My favorite aspect of creating content is to inspire others in the fashion/lifestyle community, as others have inspired me. I also LOVE doing collaborations with brands. My least-favorite would be how time-consuming it can be when I already lead a busy life.

How did you develop and solidify your Instagram aesthetic?

In the past my aesthetic was travel focused because I had spent the past year living in Los Angeles (I am a native New Yorker) and living in London. My boyfriend was also living in Tokyo so I traveled to Japan frequently. Now, I am focusing on neutral colors because they seem calming to me and I like a minimalistic feed. I take inspiration from other minimalistic pages and create my own content around beige and similar colors. Currently, I am really into golden-hour pictures because I love the tranquility of the lighting.

Three words that describe your Instagram aesthetic.

Neutral, Peaceful, minimalistic

What equipment (cameras, editing software, apps etc..) would you suggest to a beginner content creator?

I use VSCO to edit the lighting on my pictures and I used to love their filters. Now I am very against filtering and editing my pictures too much because it makes them look unnatural. I will find great lighting, and edit the saturation, contrast, and lighting only. I use my phone camera for the most part. I also use UNUM to layout my feed before posting, this is something I have found crucial for my aesthetic and feed.

Where do you go for inspiration?

In life I will head to the beach, or take a hike. On social media I go to users that have a similar aesthetic. I also use pinterest.

What are three things you wish you knew before starting your blog Lust for Lyon?

1. How much time it takes to keep a blog up-to-date.
2. This is a trial and error process – don’t beat yourself up about how often you put out content.
3. Be yourself on your blog. This is your blog, your creative space, and it should be a judgement free-zone for you and your followers. (Also, with this being said spell and grammar check!)

What is your favorite section to work on in your blog and why?

I LOVE to work on the fashion page. This is a part of my blog where I get to express how I feel about the current trends, what I am wearing, and why. It feels truly creative and natural for me.

If you could take a year-long paid sabbatical, what would you do?

I would take the opportunity to travel blog again. I love traveling, learning about other cultures and history. I would also go to Fashion Month.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

No one can do everything, pick and choose your daily tasks not to overwhelm yourself. This will make you more productive and enable you to go to bed feeling like you were productive and finished what you needed to. Also, never apologize for who you are.
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