What are your two favorite brands on our STYLEFAV website?

My 2 favorite brands from STYLEFAV would have to be Jack & Jones and Levi’s. I especially love the bomber jackets and sweaters that Jack & Jones produce, and you can’t really go wrong with denim jackets from Levi’s.

How do you define fashion?

To me, fashion is a way of representing yourself without words. Having a good first impression is everything in life whether that be for dates, jobs interviews, parties, or many other occasions. Whether we care to admit it or not, people always subconsciously make judgements on other’s appearance when meeting them initially. This initial judgment basically dictates how the interaction will go and what kind of impression you leave on others, so it is very important to dress well to give off a great impression.

Who or what inspired you to start document your fashion?

I think my biggest source of inspiration would have to come from Jose Zuniga (@Teachingmensfashion) and Alex costa (@Alexcosta). I have been watching their Youtube videos and keeping up with their posts on Instagram for as long as I can remember. They offer really great tips on grooming habits and how to style outfits well (Both casual and classy) with minimum effort, which I find is amazing. They have inspired me to dress well and a lot of people that knows me usually associate me with fashion, so I thought why not give it a go?

What is your opinion on fashion trends?

I think fashion trends are a great source of inspiration to use when you’re trying to find your own style initially. They serve as a great guidance and reference point for people who just recently got interested in dressing up well. Obviously, not all trends are for everyone, so I had to do a little experimenting at the beginning in order to find what I like and explore more from there.

Have any fashion trends become staples in your personal style?

The 4 fashion trends that I still incorporate to my everyday style includes:

-Blazers with T-shirts: I think this is a great pair up as you can style this outfit in a formal setting or a casual setting depending on the colour and design of your T-shirt.

-Bomber Jackets and Leather Jackets: These jackets are timeless and can help you achieve a stylish look with minimum effort. A lot of people that know me usually see me in either one of these jackets a lot when I’m just walking the down the streets or in a store.

-Denim Jackets and shirt: Denim Jackets are a huge part to my casual and streetstyle. I usually wear these a lot during a night out with my friends.

-Camel coat: A lot of my followers know that I have a lot of posts with this amazing piece of clothing and I have made a few great iconic shots with them as well.

Do you prefer digital or print fashion publications and what are some of your favorite ones?

I prefer digital fashion publications more since I am mostly on my phone as opposed to picking up a physical magazine and looking for fashion inspiration there. So far, the only one that have piqued my interest would have to be Vogue, I think they got a great variety of outfits and inspiration that I can really resonate with.

What are some of your current fashion obsessions?

My current fashion obsession would have to be gold bomber sweaters and white denim jackets. I really like these two items as they really make you stand out in a crowd of people since not many people usually rock these pieces and with the same colour. They are also great for layering and offers more of a variety in outfits.

How would you describe your personal style?

I would say that my personal style is classy and dapper. I really like wearing formal attire such as suits and dressed shirts which can be seen in most of my posts on Instagram. People usually say I overdress for a lot of occasions but to me nothing feels better on me than a well fitted suit.

What advice would you offer to aspiring male fashion influencers?

I would say be consistent with your image, post stuff that you would wear in real life and not just take photos of things that don’t really connect with your style. Find your own style and stick to it, that is how you will locate likeminded followers who will connect more to your style and your brand.

List 5 pieces you think every guy should have in their fashion collection.

-White sneakers
-A bomber jacket
-Black denim pants
-A well fitted crew neck T-shirt (Black or White)
-A watch

I think it is important for every guy to have them as these items are very versatile and can be incorporated into many styles and outfits to provide you with more looks.

Who takes your photos?

I take most of my photos by myself on a tripod but from time to time my best friend will help as well.
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