What has been your greatest life adventure so far?

Marrying my husband despite my parent’s denial. I know a lot of you will not understand, but in India it was a huge deal 13 years ago. And more importantly we knew each other for just 6 months before our marriage. Somehow he just gave me all the husband vibes that I was looking for. And when you find that someone whom you are searching for, does not matter what you have planned for in life, I say take that leap because its worth it. In all these years, I have grown so much but with someone I share all these memories that I have created.

What inspired you to start blogging?

I was feeling definitely lost! Lost in this chaos of life which we call accomplishments. I was trying to just fit in and doing what everyone does while my heart was somewhere else. I felt like I wasn’t living my life for myself, it was either for my family or my work or my friends. So, I finally took the leap of faith and started the blog to connect and inspire women like me who are feeling lost amidst all the life chores as I call them.

What inspires the amazing use of color in your personal style?

Its simple, colors are the essence of life, you don’t see your life in black and white, so why should you limit your style with that. I am an artist at heart and an Indian girl born in colors.

How would you describe your personal style?

It’s Pretty easy actually! My style is Colorful Classics with a twist of Boho! Hahaha

What’s the most expensive item of clothing you’ve ever bought, what inspired you to buy it and do you still have it?

I found this amazing structured coat from Stella McCartney that costed me half of my pay check, but the powerful design of the coat makes it so classic that I will probably never part with it. It’s the perfect coat that I can throw on with any outfit.

Sandals, Sneakers or Heels?

Can I say all of them, Hahaha. Honestly, I am a big believer of comfort, and if all of them give me that, I am down.

What item in your closet do you wear the most?

I am currently living in Slouchy Jeans from Mango, I already have 3 pairs and planning to buy more. I find them super chic and a perfect classic style. I am glad that skinny jeans are no longer the norm. It was time that we had a new denim style that looks chic as well as comfortable.

If you could raid anyone’s closet, who would it be?

Sarah Jessica Parker any day, I loved her eclectic style which stood out to me. And of course, who wouldn’t want her shoes.

What’s the best style advice you’ve ever received?

My dad told me this as a teenager and this one was a life lesson, Simplicity is more Complicated than you can imagine. And that is what has stuck to me my entire life. I find that the most simple of style are the most powerful statements.

Who are your favorite style icons?

Victoria Beckham, Michelle Obama, Grace Kelly, It’s something about their personality that mesmerizes me and something to notice that they have one thing in common, they have their unique taste of style.
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