What inspired your Instagram aesthetic?

My IG colour story is inspired by my love for contrast and desaturated hues. The layout rotation overall depicts my personal “Lifestyle” – displaying my daily routines, favourite beauty products, decor, travel, food, relationships, city life, and of course, my personal style.

What advice would you offer to someone trying to solidify their Instagram mood and aesthetic?

I suggest thinking about what you love, what inspires you, and what colours you gravitate toward. Creating a mood board to start off is a great way to pinpoint what defines you, and what you want to share with the world without being too distracted by what others are doing. It’s all about being your authentic self – because there is only ONE of you! If you’re like me and don’t want to be too “niche”, find a way to create a “brand” for yourself by building continuity in captions or filters.

What is your favorite thing about the city of Toronto?

Where do I start? The # 1 reason I wanted to move to Toronto was for all the fabulous restaurants and cafes. The city is very culture-rich, and I love learning and exploring new places, people, and food!

Where is your favorite place to grab something to eat in Toronto?

It’s tough to pinpoint one spot, as I like to go to a variety of places depending on my mood or the people I’m with. I go to a lot of restaurant grand-openings, so it’s really cool to be one of the first people to try new menus, get to know the staff and take in the atmosphere. Top places I take visitors are:

Terroni on Adelaide – I love the history of the building and the food! Great company as well.

BISHA Lounge + KOST – Great staff, decor [I’m a sucker for the framed McQueen scarves!] and amazing cities views up top.

PRAVDA – I’m a big Vodka lover, so I love the cocktails, ambiance, and entertainment.

MARBL – Great spot for some cocktails, eats, and then after-party downstairs at Mademoiselle.

Jacobs & Co. – Best steakhouse in TO! As an Alberta girl, I am a bit of a steak-snob. They have an amazing menu, service + the take-home muffins are great!

How did you discover your personal style?

I’ve always gravitated towards the same type of styles, fabrics, and colours, but I really started to own my love for black when I was about 13. It’s been the base of my wardrobe ever since. It was an evolution and again, I made mood boards back then [with magazine clippings!] of designers that I loved like Akris, Helmut Lang, and Givenchy to name a few.

If you could create a capsule collection of 10 fashion pieces. What pieces would your collection house?

1- A little black dress with clean lines, so it can go with anything. Sleeveless to be wearable in any season and layered for the cooler months.

2 – A black leather moto-jacket. Goes with everything and can be layered and styled so many ways!

3 – A long coat in black, grey, or camel – fall is my favourite fashion season. I love the textures and layering opportunities.

4 – A pair of great fitting black denim

5 – A pair of great fitting blue or grey denim

6 – A simple silk blouse in a neutral colour

7 – Cashmere sweater

8 – A great fitting black suit

9 – Black and white sneakers

10 – Black and nude stilettos

Where do you find inspiration?

I find a lot of inspiration from traveling. One of my favourite things to do while visiting a new city is to sit in cafes and observe the locals – what they’re wearing, how they are wearing it, and the overall lifestyle. I also find a lot of inspo from art, decor, and luxury brands.

What is one thing our readers would be surprised to learn about you?

I’m very transparent with my online community, so they know just about everything about me. The number one thing people are shocked about is that my husband, David and I did international long distance with significant time-zone challenges for 7+ years!

What do you love most about blogging?

I love sharing, educating, and creating conversation. Being able to share what I love and experiences I’ve had that could help or inspire others is the most important thing to me. As far as sharing products, I only share things that work for me and that I’ve had a good experience with.

What has been your most exciting moment since becoming an influencer?

Great question! I’ve had some really cool experiences; however, I would say one that really stands out is being invited to be part of an art installation with cutting-edge technology, a creative-genius and one of Canada’s top department stores. I was 3D printed by award-winning novelist, designer and visual artist, Douglas Coupland for a SIMONS installation that was also displayed at the Ottawa Art Gallery [OAG]. I missed the opening party, but I was able to travel to Ottawa to visit the exhibit and have to say it was amazing to see it come together! The impressive large-scale installation is beautiful, dramatic. It encompasses many interesting Canadians including influencers in our communities, arts, and media from across the country. I received a three-inch 3D printed version of the bust, which I’ve worked into my office decor. The final version used in the art piece was approximately four-feet by four-feet in a painted metallic gold finish. It was a fun experience as I’m a big art lover and it was interesting to watch the 3D technology in real-time! I believe the installation is now located at the Vancouver SIMONS store.
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