What are your two favorite brands from our STYLEFAV website?

I love Scotch & Soda’s coats and the pieces from Ted Baker!

Where is the absolute best place to get a meal in Calgary?

It’s impossible to pick! We have so many great restaurants here and I think the food here is really underrated. If i had to choose I think Ten Foot Henry is a crowd-pleaser, and Pho Dau Bo if you’re looking for something more unique and off the beaten path.

What’s the best style advice you’ve received and who was it from?

I feel like I have so much to learn but one of the things I learnt from one of my close friends was the importance of basic pieces. I love colors and interesting pieces but you need simpler pieces to help make the fun pieces stand out!

Describe your favorite outfit that you’ve ever worn and where did you wear it?

I got a dress from Teddy Trash during the summer and I wasn’t expecting much but it fit like a glove! I wore it so many times this summer and I still love the photos from my shoot in that dress!

What are 3 must have pieces you think every girl should have in her personal fashion collection?

  • A warm flannel/shacket to throw over any outfit – they look good over dresses or over jeans and a tee
  • A good black pointed-toe bootie is absolutely essential
  • A good crop top that goes with everything

What is the must have accessory you think that every girl should own?

I have been loving the resurgence of fanny packs/belt bags lately! I love that they’re hands-free and go with so many different looks.

If you could only wear one outfit for an entire week, what outfit would that be?

I am honestly obsessed with the commuter wear from Lululemon – I love that you can wear their pants to work and look super classy, but they’re still comfy enough to wear at home. So if I had to live in one outfit I think it would have to be a pair of Lululemon trousers (like their On The Fly Pant), and a simple crop top (like the Babaton Sculpt Knit Tank from Aritzia) with a blazer, flannel or cardigan on top and my Nike Air Max 97s!

What is the least worn piece in your closet?

Any pants that aren’t high waisted!

How did you develop your Instagram aesthetic?

Honestly it’s something I’m still working on figuring out! I have always loved variety, and when it came to fashion I grew up loving functional, practical pieces so I feel as though I’m still trying to develop my style and narrow it down!

What is your favorite thing about creating content?

I love that I’m able to see a bit of the behind-the-scenes of brands! I work in marketing myself and I think that branding is such an interesting concept and influencers are just one of the many ways that brands can develop their brand identity and interact with their customers, so I think it’s really cool to see the other side of it when brands reach out to me – I geek out over that stuff 🙂

What are some content creation tips you can offer our readers?

When it comes to photos – lighting is everything! Even though this is one of the biggest and most repeated “tips”, I still often see people trying to shoot in front of cute things or views. While a nice backdrop is always nice, good lighting is so key and way more important to creating a good photo!
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