What are your two favorite brands from our STYLEFAV website?

What is your personal definition of fashion?

Fashion is an aesthetic, vibe, mood, message or visual expressed through clothing.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is chic, polished and fashion forward.

Do you have any fashion rules when putting an outfit together?

Absolutely NOT. I have no rules when putting together an outfit. Interestingly enough I think fashion and having killer style is less about rules and more about an aesthetic. The natural skill of knowing what goes together effortlessly is truly a gift that can not be taught.

Describe the outfit that makes you feel most confident?

It’s a tie between two kinds of outfits. one a contemporary suit in a bold color and two a polished look paired with boots or an edgy accessory.

In the movie about your life, which celeb would you want to play you and why?

Probably Ciara, I think she has just the right amount of spunk, attitude and style mixed with a sweet personality. Definitely a killer combo for sure and I think she’d represent me well because of it.

What’s the best style advice you’ve ever been given?

Give them a reason to stare. I love that advice because at one point in high school I can remember trying to figure out if I should wear what everyone else was wearing or what I really liked. Obviously, I chose the latter and that advice made me do it with my head held high.

How do you feel about trends and what is one trend that has become a staple in your personal style?

I think trends are cool and super fun but trends are also something you should follow only according to your taste. I only will get into a trend that I naturally gravitate towards if I’m not into it I simply ignore it. One trend that has become a staple for me have been oversized blazers .

What item in your closet do you wear the most?

Right now since I’ve increased my workout regimen it is truly crop top season!

What are the last three fashion items you bought and why?

1. a chic athleisure set because since the COVID outbreak I’ve been finding that I need much more casual options that still feel chic. I now love the idea of the comfort of sweats in case I’ll be home for a majority of the day while still being pulled together enough to step out 2. A casual wrap dress that I can wear with heels or boots, versatility is everything for me. 3. A bustier bodysuit that will pair well with jeans and heels for a more polished day run.

If you could style anyone, who would it be and what event would they be going to?

Oooh! I love this question. WOW hands down Michelle Obama for her next book tour, let’s just speak that into existence.
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