What are your two favorite brands from our STYLEFAV website?

Wow! You work with such amazing brands it’s hard to pick only two.. but as a traditional and classic fashion lover I’d have to say: Hunter and Levi’s .

Who is your favorite fashion icon of all time?

I have some fashion icons and I’m always getting inspired by their outfit looks and styles. I’m obsessed with rockstars (I have a Pinterest board full of them, male and female) and I have a secret desire to join a band someday – only for the leather jackets and the dark makeup… I already have the tattoos 🙂 Audrey Hepburn is my all time favorite because she was able to make the simple always look stylish! She turned the all black outfit with flats into a classic and we are all copying her everyday for decades now… My mother is a real life inspiration, since I was a child and now I’m happy I can borrow her clothes, accessories and jewelry! She was also the one who made me watch ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ for the first time so you can understand now where our taste came from. Kate Moss and Sienna Miller are style inspirations for me too – I love how they’re always looking cool, mixing and matching the casual with the chic. It’s a British thing I guess, first time I went to London I got really amazed by its fashion and street style – and it changed my mind completely (in a good way)!

Do you prefer digital or fashion publications?

Do you prefer digital or fashion publications? (I believe you mean digital or print) Definitely printed publications! I’ve been collecting then for almost 15 years now and don’t have intention to stop.. haha.. I love going to a newsstand every month, looking the covers and choosing my favorite (or favorites). I love touching them, smelling them and of course, reading them – preferable while drinking a good coffee. They are a source of inspiration I’m always turning to.

What is your favorite fashion brand?

It’s a little bit cliché but I love the French ones… Specially Yves Saint Laurent, or just Saint Laurent (as they’re calling it right now). As I mention before, I have a thing for rockstars and the brand is exploring these vibes for a few years now. The Saint Laurent woman is strong and powerful and even when she dresses a suit you can still sense her femininity (I don’t know if this word even exists… haha) from miles away! It’s intriguing and sexy and I’m here if they need a new ambassador…

What inspired your love of fashion?

Please don’t laugh but I believe the Barbie doll is the big one to blame! Growing up in the 80s/90s Barbies were a hit. Me and my girl friends all had them and used to go to each other houses to play together… besides, their stunning pink and sparkling party gowns always hypnotized me and I was so obsessed I started to make my own dresses for the dolls – that was the moment I figure it all out!

How would you define fashion?

To me, fashion is an expression of art. Like a painting or an sculpture, a fashion piece reflects the period in history it was created. The economics, the politics, the pandemic! And to imagine clothes with such deep meaning and strong concept you must be a truly artist.

How would you describe your sense of style and how did you develop it?

That’s a tough question! I’m at a very minimalistic stage in my life right now. In my wardrobe you will find only black and white pieces… sometimes a little pink, red and grey, no prints – maybe stripes. And I’m currently choosing classic over trendy. Great fabrics too, like linen and silk. But I’ve tried everything and a lot of different kind of fashion styles since my childhood actually – my mother always encouraged my fashionista spirit and I guess that’s how I develop my sense today, never being afraid of trying something new until finding what really makes me feel comfortable and myself.

Where do you go to be inspired?

Nature always inspires me. I’ve just came back from a short trip to a beautiful beach here and it was so renewing! It’s amazing how the sea is capable of freeing our minds… At the same time, London, Paris and New York are cities I’m always trying to go back and again to get inspired… Not just for the fashion and street style but architecture and design too. But I have to confess, most of the time all I need is a good sci-fi movie to get inspired and start create.

If you could outfit match with anyone who would it be?

A Hollywood movie star at a red carpet premiere! I wouldn’t mind matching outfits with Vanessa Kirby at the Venice Film Festival that happened last month, for exemple. Her wardrobe was stunning! Again, classic + elegant and very stylish at the same time.

If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive who would it be and why?

Karl Lagerfeld. To me, he was a genius! He made Chanel look cool again and desirable for all the women – no matter where she came from, her age, her taste etc… I was so sure I was going to meet him someday, I couldn’t believe when he passed away last year. If we had a chance to have dinner together I’d probably be asking all these questions you’re making to me now 🙂 Specially the one about the inspiration, where did his inspiration come from? So many great ideas! Oh.. a great loss for the fashion world.

What was your favorite and least favorite part of quarantine life?

Well, as an introvert person I’m used to stay at home and I actually like this way of life. Working from home was also a reality for a few years now so it didn’t “freak me out” when the government declared the pandemic and lockdown… Of course, I was a little bit scared (still am) of the whole situation and the letal virus, but once again: I’m a science-fiction fan and it all just felt like being in a movie – this time with a happy ending! Anyway, the favorite part was being with my family and my dogs – we took care of each other, we cook delicious recipes with my mother and I had (even more) time to create content for the blog. Least favorite part was not traveling, not going out for dinner with my friends and definitely not going to the movies. They’re still closed here and I can’t wait to watch a good movie in the big screen again!
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