What inspired your love for fashion and style?

I read a lot of fashion magazines when I was young, even in languages I don’t understand. What really caught my attention to fashion and style were the 90s Supermodels, Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Eva Evangelista, to name a few. These women are all very pretty and yet very different. They all have their own unique style and attitude.

Who is your favorite designer?

Lee Alexander McQueen. Has been and always will be.

Who is your fashion icon?

Emma Watson. Not because of the way she dresses, it’s because she is able to present her outer and inner beauty in her style. She is one of the earliest people who changed the game of Red Carpet by wearing sustainable fashion and making them chic.

If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive who would it be and why?

Anna Wintour. I want to know how scary she is… only joking! I think she is definitely the most powerful woman in modern day fashion and publishing. She is the real influencer!

What advice can you offer to aspiring influencers interested in being able to attend shows at fashion week?

Read and broaden your fashion knowledge as much as you can. Nowadays there are prints and digitals, it’s so convenience, you can do that anytime, anywhere! You won’t know how much you have absorbed while you are reading and when you are presented a chance to go to any shows or meet any designers, your brain will not go blank!

Do you prefer digital or fashion publications?

Digital. That’s why besides being an influencer, I also publish a digital fashion/lifestyle magazine named The Closeteur.

What has been your most amazing experience since becoming an influencer?

Definitely attending fashion shows at different fashion week events around the world. I think this is really a dream comes true for millions of girls who love fashion. And be able to touch and feel the runway pieces and meet some of the designers in person! That’s money-can’t-buy experience!

What fashion tips and tricks can you offer to our readers?

I think there is no right or wrong in fashion. Being a Virgo myself I need everything to be perfect. But throughout the years, I learn that actually being imperfect has left me more room to create and to improve. And don’t follow trends, incorporate trends into your personal style.

What are some of your current fashion obsessions?

My current obsession is fiddler caps! I really like how I can mix and match the caps with more feminine dresses. I have them in many different colours and materials, they are really good investment. And they are sometimes lifesavers if you have to rush out of the house with no time to fix your hair!

What are some up and coming brands you think our readers should know about?

1.) Toni Maticevski – he is not new to the fashion scene however he is not as well-known as yet. Toni is an amazing creator and artist, his clothes are really a form of art.

2.) Minju Kim – She is the winner of Next In Fashion and I can’t wait to see her upcoming collections.
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