What inspired your love for travelling?

Getting to spend time as a couple again with my hubs. Initially, we took a vacation just us two every year as a little break from our twin boys. We soon realized our love for traveling was more than just a break from the kids, it became our way to explore new cultures, food, people and learn more about each other too!!

What has been your favorite destination to visit and why?

Maldives (I know, shocker!!) It was great to spend time as a family, soak in the luxuries of such an exotic destination and find out that we all mesh really well together…not just as a family but as travel companions too! It’s funny that our travels started as being a break from the kids and now that our boys are at a great age, we can all enjoy and appreciate traveling together! Also, Maldives isn’t just for couples, our resort and water villa was super secluded yet family-friendly!! Angsana Velavaru!

What are 3 countries on your travel bucket list?

Indonesia (both my parents were born there but I still haven’t been!)

What is one country you think everyone should visit and why?

Greece! It has got to be the most beautiful, scenic country I’ve been to. They have islands to suit every type of traveler!

Aisle seat or Window seat?

Window seat for short haul flights (no disruptions from neighbors needing to get by to go to the washroom) and aisle seat for long haul flights (will allow you to stand up and stretch as you please – when the seatbelt light is off of course 😉

What are your some of your must haves in your carry on when travelling?

Funnily enough I have never had any issues with lost luggage (knock on wood!) so there is no rhyme or reason to my packing. It’s pretty much what can best be squeezed in where! I do always make sure I have my passport, phone, selfie stick, sunglasses and lipgloss with me at all times during my travels and day excursions.

How do you plan your outfits for an upcoming trip?

I like to coordinate with my travel companions, it makes for great photos!! Rather than focus on what’s trending, I focus more on colour coordinating – you’d be surprised how nicely everything ties in together in the photo!! Lately I have been including more dresses that are comfy to spend the whole day in yet still look great for that instamoment!

What has been your greatest adventure when travelling?

Probably waking up at 4am in the morning and doing a three-hour edge of a cliff drive to a super secluded beach-bay in Crete, Greece.

What are some travel tips you can offer to our readers?

Consider doing an Airbnb instead of a traditional hotel. You get way more value for your dollar! Rent a car for at least one or two days and explore as much as you can! If you have the means, hire a private chef to come to you to prepare one meal. It will allow you to maximize your time at your accommodation while enjoying a home cooked meal!

If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be?

Professional traveler of course!!
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