Three words that describe you.

This is always a difficult question for me because I feel like I’m bragging but if I had to choose I would say – Passionate, transparent, and supportive.




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What are some of your current fashion obsessions?

I feel like this constantly changes for me but currently my top faves right now are – for colors I love pastels (pinks and blues), neutrals, and tye dye – for
style – leather pants, mom jeans, satin midi skirts, a good crop top, and any
type of loungewear


For me, I would say I don’t have a consistent style but have certain aspects I love to include in each outfit I wear. I love to always have some sort of girly attribute whether that’s a pop of color or a pair of boots with a more casual fit. I do love athleisure and incorporate that when I can into each outfit. Overall, when dressing myself I always attempt to look chic but casual. Overdressing is fun but not for everyday occasions but you always want to look chic because that’s how you make whatever you’re wearing look expensive, even if it was $10.

What fashion era would have liked to be a part of ? 80’s 90’s etc.

100% the 90’s. Everything that was worn just automatically looked cool, my go to 90’s style would be Jennifer Anniston. I honestly feel like we’re reliving 90’s fashion anyway and I’m here for it.


Man, this is a hard question! I feel like I have two – either a simple top, mom jeans, and a good pair of sneakers or if I want to be a little more girly, a satin midi skirt, graphic tee, and some cute booties or sneaks.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee forever! Fun fact- growing up my dad was a huge coffee drinker that everytime he would pull into the Starbucks parking lot the barista would already know to get his coffee ready for him when he walked into the door – so that being said, I began drinking coffee very early in life.

How would you describe your Instagram aesthetic?

I’m constantly changing this and trying to develop it as I go on but one thing I always make sure to do is stay true to myself. I never want to look like I am copying someone else’s aesthetic but of course am always inspired by those I follow. Right now I feel like it’s a mix of everyday real life and some curated aesthetic posts. My ultimate goal when heading to my instagram is that hopes that you get a glimpse of who I am as a person and offer real life inspo, whether that be fashion, recipes, or a new daily habit I picked up. I make sure to stay consistent on my stories so everyone can feel like they’re following along with my day and stay connected.

Where do you find inspiration for your Instagram content?

Pinterest always and of course some bloggers I’ve been following for awhile. Marianna Hewitt (@marianna_hewitt) and The Skinny Confidential (@theskinnyconfidential) offer amazing tips and tricks for blogging and growing your instagram – so I always look to them when in a rut. I feel like I need to shout out some Instagram profiles that are constantly inspiring my content and brant – @butwhatshouldIwear, @paytonsartain, and @kelsey_diprima. They’re content is just so effortless and everything I hope to achieve when posting.

What’s your favourite thing to do in Santa Monica?

This is actually my first year living in Santa Monica but my boyfriend was born and raised here so I’m super familiar with it. I love to drive along the coast and take in the ocean views, eating of course – they have so many yummy places to go here, and shopping – the promenade is a shoppers heaven.

Where is one place everyone that visits Santa Monica should go?

Hmmmm.. if you’ve never been here before of course you need to check out the pier and the promenade because it’s famous. Something else I would recommend doing is looking up local restaurants because SM is full of them. They have some of the best food and deserve the visits, one of my favorites is The Talpa Restaurant & Bar – amazing mexican food (also have delicious fried chicken – trust me it’s so good)

What is one thing that your followers would be surprised to learn about you ?

This is hard because I feel like I show so much of myself! Many may not know that my grandma (mom’s mom) came from a huge Portegous family and was the youngest of 11. So I have about a hundred cousins and to this day still meet a new one at every family function… This is where my loud and outspoken traits come from. Also a fun fact and secret talent of mine is that I can burp the ABC’s- it’s gross but one of my old babysitters taught and I’ll forever cherish that talent.
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