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4 Relationship Problems That You Cannot Fix

All relationships, including marriage, have their shares, problems, and perplexities. Depending on how they are handled, these challenges can build the bond or sever it beyond repair. However, there are some issues which are like broken glass. You only get heart by trying to mend the pieces.

Below are some of the problems in relationships which experts say are worth leaving alone. Accept them or move on.

1.  Lost Trust

It takes years to build trust but only a second to break it. Once it is lost, there is nothing which can be done about it. The other party may be at their best and truthful after that but trusting even their best motives will be an uphill task. The partner at fault should understand that things will never be same again.

Even if there is no other incident of betrayal, this one misstep will always linger in the mind of their partner. It does not mean that they stop being truthful, only that they should not expect their claims to be taken at face value.

2.  Chronic Infidelity or Stone Cold Affection

Infidelity crushes the heart of the faithful partner. It makes them question their worth and capability. While any form of adultery is a vice, the chronic version of it is incurable.

When a partner exhibits an insatiable virility, there is nothing you can do about it. The same applies to stone cold partners with seemingly no libido. You either choose to live with it or take the highway.

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3.  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

An organization is good for any home. It makes the home welcoming and healthy. However, there are some who fall to the far extremes. There is a class which is extremely organized and neat. One thing in a wrong place sets them off on an unending tirade and even makes them sick. The other category is exceptionally clumsy. Socks and plates share the same corner.

In the beginning, these traits may be condoned and even be funny. But things change when you get married. There are weightier things to argue over than why you cannot remember to put the blue cup next to the white one or going around picking up your partner’s laundry all over the house.

4.  Egotistical Partner

An argument is healthy in a relationship. But if one believes they are always right, then they become a source of pain. Such a partner will crush the other’s ego by capitalizing on their weaknesses and faults.

What hurts more is their inability to accept their mistakes and take responsibility for their failures. When in such a relationship, you are always the partner with no right to a correct opinion.

It is understandable that a relationship brings together two minds which have been shaped by different experiences. Consequently, differences in inclination, knowledge and temperaments are expected. To avoid these pains, enter into a relationship open-eyed. As soon as you sense any of this, take the open road and be gone. Otherwise, learn to forgive, accept, and live with it.

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