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4 Things Men Should Do to Impress Your Date

You have been going after this new girl you met through a friend or in whichever place people meet these days. You have manned up, and by some luck, have won yourself a date with this girl around which your world currently revolves. You are probably worried about making the best impression and landing another date with the damsel. Well, you should be. If she caught your eyes, then there are probably ten other men whose eyesight are just as good as yours.

In writing this, I had to seek help from a female friend. I have never dated her, but after picking her brain on this one, I think I stand a better chance. Anyway, according to my friend, here are the four sure ways of impressing a woman on any date.

1.  Be Punctual

Women do not like being kept waiting. It makes them feel cheap and desperate. If you let a woman feel this way she will start doing everything to prove otherwise. She will probably want to leave early, and most importantly you might never get another date. So even if you have punctuality issues, build up some character on that day. If possible arrive at the rendezvous point half an hour early. Besides making her feel valued, you will enjoy watching her walk delicately over to your side.

2.  Dress Code Matters

My friend did not mention this; I guess she thought it is obvious. But we men may sometimes act dumb. So, do not show up looking like you are going to meet your aerobatic coach, even if she is. Remember she rummaged through her entire closet to find a dress for this occasion. Honor her trouble by being neat and presentable.

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3.  Have a Sense of Humor

You are trying to win a heart not a job. So do not sit tight as if you are waiting for a ‘tell us about yourself’ question. So brighten up and bring out your sense of humor. Let her know you are enjoying her company. But stay off the silly jokes from joke diary, it will make you look stupid as there are chances that she has heard them too. However, even if she is laughing her ribs out don’t talk the entire time, and this takes us to the final point.

4.  Give Her Attention

I kept this for last even though my friend mentioned it first. You asked her for a date, and she obliged. She had her reasons for that. So let her talk. In fact, you should get her to talk 90% of the time. Like, for every five minutes she speaks, answers in less than a minute. Let her interrupt you but never interrupt her.

Again, do not bring your opinionated self to the date. You are not going for debate, so it does not matter who wins the argument, just don’t let it be you. By the end of the day that will be the best conversation she ever had. Never mind the one-sidedness because you will have won yourself another date.

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