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4 Tips to Rekindle Your Passions Over the Holidays

The holidays are the perfect time for rekindling passion with your significant other. You’ll most likely get some time off work, so why not devote that time to each other? You don’t have to do something epic or spend a ton of money to put some spark back into the relationship around the holidays. Here are some ideas to help you refuel your passion over the holidays.

Plan to Cook Together – Then Do It

Holidays are a great time for meals with loved ones, so take advantage of that as a couple. Plan out a Thanksgiving or Christmas meal together and then prepare the foods together. It doesn’t have to be a full gourmet meal, you just have to spend the time together doing it. Don’t be afraid to break with tradition, either. Try salmon instead of turkey for a main course, for example. Experimenting with new desserts can be a romantic experience as well (don’t forget the whipped cream).

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Make New Year’s Resolutions Together

Set your New Year’s resolutions with each other and dedicate them to your relationship. Here’s the catch: Set a six-month goal for your relationship and write it down. Check in once a month to hold each other accountable for your relationship goals. Think of resolutions that will allow you to spend more time together in the coming year, such as joining a fitness club together, starting a new hobby or some other activity you can both share.

Take a Mini-Vacation

You don’t have to break the bank or travel around the world on a vacation to add some spark to your relationship. Sometimes all it takes is a short stay outside of your home. Book a hotel suite right in the city where you live for a short “stay-cation” — preferably a suite with a hot tub. The trick is to leave all of things from home that get in the way of your relationship at home, so that you can focus on each other on your vacation. This means leave behind the Xbox, the stack of papers from work and even the cell phones if necessary. Block out the world and your responsibilities and hobbies for a couple of days and devote the time to each other.

Retro Gifts

When it comes to buying a gift for that special someone, think back to the first year you were together. Purchase a gift that will remind him or her of the early days in your relationship. It could be a song that was popular, the first movie you saw together or some other memento that will call up memories from those crazy first days you were together.

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