5 Must-Have Shoe Types for Women Fashionistas

Besides diamonds, shoes could pass as the next close thing to a woman’s heart. If you remember Cinderella, it was a shoe that changed her life, right? I think it would be safe to say that the womenfolk do have a particular affinity to shoes. Women shoes come in all shapes, styles, color, and size, and most ladies are keen to have a pair for every specific occasion. As far as a shoe collection is concerned, we can agree on the fact that it would be unnecessary to keep a closet full of shoes, some that you may not even wear in your lifetime. However, a woman needs to cultivate a wardrobe that centers itself on elegance and sophistication, not leaving behind some good pair of shoes. Below is a list of five classic shoes every woman should have in their closet.

Black High-Heeled Shoes

A pair of black high heels is a must for every woman. Nothing too trendy or too strappy. For any evening occasion, this is the pair to go for. It works with a cocktail dress, dress pants, and typically any evening ensemble. Go for fabrics like velvet, satin or suede since they are dressier than smooth leather. Regarding the height, select something medium – just high enough to be comfortable in and still look elegant. Most women can do with inches within the range of 3 to 4.5.

Low-Heeled Pumps

Pumps are the next thing you would want to add to your shoe collection. Depending on choice and color preference, neutral colored pumps can make a perfect pair. If you like, you can still go for a black low-heeled pair with a classic design to take you through the seasons. Pumps come in several hues to match multiple skin types.

Semi-Casual Flats

You’ll want to look cool with your cute jeans and the shoe type to guarantee that is a pair of casual flats. But, they shouldn’t be so relaxed that they can’t be matched with nice slacks as well. Any simple design of flats with unique colors, texture or patterns will do.

Tall Boots

Every woman’s wardrobe should have a pair of basic boots – black or brown, especially for the cold weather. Whether it’s just casual warm and comfy or high-heeled, fashion boots are a classic. Also, depending on the design you go for, boots are just fantastic with everything from jeans to mini-skirts.


You cannot afford to live without a pair of sneakers. It could be a little edgy or high-top; the choice is yours. Sneakers add just the right amount of coolness to any outfit, and every woman’s closet needs a pair of cool, comfortable sneakers.

For centuries, the womenfolk have always been keen on fashion and style. With increasing innovation and shoe designs, their wardrobes keep displaying elegance and sophistication. With the right outfit and just the right shoe style, a woman walks with her head up and shoulder high, exhibiting absolute confidence.

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