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Choose a Lipstick that is Right for You

You likely don’t think much about the lipstick that you apply on a daily basis — it’s just a natural part of your morning routine. Whether you are heading to the office for that critical meeting with the top corporate executives or you are going out for a fun and flirty night on the town, you are going to choose a color that suits your skin tone, your attitude, and your outfit. But did you realize that this very color also says a lot about your personality?

Here’s what your lip color says about you:

Classic Red

You’re a traditional gal who is also confident and bold. You know that red lips accentuate every feature that you have, and you aren’t afraid to do what it takes to get what you want. This is your signature color, and it will work with your professional look as well as your personal style.

Bubblegum Pink

You are sweet, fun and flirty. You like to showcase your feminine side, without compromising your serious dedication to everything as well as everyone that you love. You bring a breath of fresh air wherever you go, and you aren’t afraid to turn any moment into a fun and lighthearted memory.

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Pale Rose

You love to combine your pretty sense of style with your flair for sophistication. You use this dusty tone to your advantage, accentuating your natural features while also showing your appreciation for true beauty. You are ambitious and dedicated, and you are always ready to take the next big step forward.

Shiny Gloss

You are a natural beauty who knows that enhancing what you have is better than creating something that you are not. You are the life of the party, and you are always willing to plan a night out with your friends. You are low maintenance, fun and ready for anything.

Basic Nude

You are more reserved, and some might even call you shy. However, you are willing to talk about nearly anything with your closest friends, and you love to spend your free time reading books, crafting or having a great conversation. You’re a great listener who is always there for a good friend.

Perfectly Plum

You are confident with a flair for the dramatic. You aren’t worried about putting yourself out there, and you love to showcase the real you. This commitment to self also makes you a wonderful friend who is always searching for the best in others.

Of course, you don’t always have to stick to the same shade. You can always choose a lip color that suits the mood of the day while reflecting your inner beauty. Have fun, get creative and showcase the real you at all times.

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