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Escape To The Caribbean!

The seasons are changing and though summer just ended it feels like forever and a day in both directions until we see it again. However fear not like migratory birds you too can fly south for some sun.

The Caribbean is a great place to swap your “S’s” you know snow for sand. With more islands than you know the Caribbean is a culturally explosive region.Each island has their own charm and identity and can offer you an unforgettable life experience. Here are 4 Caribbean islands that you escape to for some winter sun. 


17.0747°, 61,8157° Antigua was formed in the sea by a volcano approximately 30 million years ago. The major of two islands, Antigua houses 365 beaches on the island giving your the serene opportunity of a different breathing sandy experience everyday of your holiday. The lively spirit of the island and its people has been a pull to international airlines.

You can find direct flights to this slice of paradise from major airlines in the United Kingdom, United States and Canada. The beaches will grab your attention but there are other activities that you can explore on Antigua. From gliding across the water to their sister island Barbuda to zipping through the rainforest canopy, Antigua somehow has a little something for everyone. 

St. Lucia

The island of St. Lucia hosts a rich history as well as one of the most photographed places in the Caribbean the pitons. The Pitons are two majestic mountains formed through volcanic activity on the island many moons ago. With Gros Piton standing proud at 798.25 m and Petit Piton at 743 m high these sights to behold are awesome wonders of nature in their own right and will do nothing short of taking your breath away. The island offers adventures that will take your holiday pictures to the next level. Take your pick! Ride horseback across the sands and into the crystal blue waters or hop into a helicopter and visit the pitons from every angle. 

One of the must -dos on the island is visiting the sulphur springs located in the islands Soufriere volcano. Visitors can drive right up to the volcano and head down into the springs to soak in the mineral rich mud. St Lucia is an adventure pack destination and you are guaranteed to leave with stories to tell, amazing photographs and memories to left a lifetime.

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Known as the Spice Isle of the Caribbean. Grenada brings to you not one island but three to enjoy. You’ll find Grenada the main island along with Carriacou, and Petit Martinique as places to explore. Breathtaking waterfalls are littered throughout Grenada and locals and visitors alike head to them to witness the wonders of and reconnect with nature and reconnect with our beautiful planet. 

One of Grenada’s most noteworthy experiences is the Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park, this unique expression of art all happens below the surface and is located off the west coast of the island. The park is listed as one of National Geographic’s 25 Wonders of the World and features of 70 works of art. Known as the spice isle because of the islands major production of nutmeg and maca it is a must to visit the spice markets in the capital St. Georges and experience the flavours of the island. Grenada offers so you so many opportunities for you to explore, experience and most of all be happy!


Bob Marley, reggae music, good food, happy people, sun, rivers sea and sand the land of wood and water Jamaica! Jamaica is a Caribbean powerhouse bursting with culture. Made popular by those who have come from and travelled to this island, the concept of island living is synonymous with Jamaica. Locals have preserved traditions for generations and have no qualms about sharing them with visitors. Jamaica boasts numerous places to visit that will enthral and surprise you. 

Should you want to eat, just seek out the closest jerk restaurant and prepare your tastebuds for an adventure. The strong flavours and mode of preparation that is Jamaican jerk will leave a lasting impression on your tongue. Should you want to explore ask any local for the nearest waterfall and set out! Once you arrive you’ll find yourself amidst nature and locals. Receive a massage aka rub down from the river man and your body will leave relaxed and renewed. Cultural stops are in abundance and you can take your pick! Visit the Bob Marley Museum in the capital Kingston or head out to the Appleton Estate  for a rum tour. Take a stop a stop Doctor’s Cave in Montego Bay to lay on the beach and enjoy the calming Caribbean waters. A trip is to Jamaica is an experience for all your senses and one you’ll never be able to forget. 

Give yourself the gift of sun in the winter and memories that will last a lifetime. Trade your S’s and ditch your coats for island vibes! The Caribbean is a breathtaking culturally diverse and flavourful part of the world. Its a place with a little something for everyone and more islands than you can count to choose from. Pick one pick all but go, go explore and get some winter sun!

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