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Finding the Perfect Jean Cut

Man or woman, if you are looking for a look to stand up to nearly any occasion, you are going to need a great pair of jeans. The Holy Grail of every wardrobe, this perfect go-to item easily makes its way from the causal office, to drinks after work, and even a date later in the evening. The key to rocking the jean look is finding the cut that makes you look like you have it all together – even when you don’t.

What is The Cut?

You hear about it all of the time, but what is the cut, and why it is so important when it comes to finding jeans that make you look fantastic?  Basically, the cut is the shape of the jeans and how they fit you.  Depending on your body type, one cut may shave 15 pounds off your look; while another seems to make you look 10 years older.

Not Every Pair of Jeans Are Right for You

While jeans are a wardrobe mainstay that no one can live without (and why should you?), they don’t always provide the wearer with the kind of look they are after. But, before you blame your jeans for making you look shabby, you may want to reconsider the cut you are wearing. Changing something as simple as the silhouette, rise and leg cut can make all the difference in showcasing your assets and making every flaw stand out.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Fit

Whether you plan on wearing that perfect pair of jeans to the office or that big date, you first have to find them. This all starts with the silhouette.  Men have five main fits to choose from:

  • Skinny: tight fitting, with a tapered leg.
  • Slim: hugs the leg from the hip down but is not tight. Usually hangs straight.
  • Regular:  straight legged, with a larger leg opening
  • Relaxed: looser fit from the waist to the hem. Does not hug the body at all
  • Loose: roomier fit that appears somewhat baggy

Women, on the other hand, have only three main fits:

  • Skinny:  tight fitting jeans made to accentuate the hips and elongate the legs
  • Regular Cut:  made to emphasize thinness without accentuating the hips, waist and belly
  • Boyfriend (loose): hides narrow hips and emphasizes the waistline. Hides thick legs and flattens the booty

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Rise is Important Too

Here does the waistline of your jeans lie? Your choice says a lot more than you may have realized.  Here are a few pointers to choosing the right one:

  • High Waisted: If you are a larger guy, or a woman who wants to hide some of those belly folds, a higher rise in your jeans may be the answer. This style does wonders to arrowing a thicker waistline, but it also helps to elongate the legs.
  • Mid-Rise: a good choice for almost anyone, men who tend to tuck in their shirts appreciate where the midline pant sits on their torso. Women too, like mid-rise jeans for their ability to hide protruding bellies easier, although they can sometimes make your waist look a bit plain.
  • Low-Rise:  All the rage amongst the younger crowd, low rise jeans are best worn by smaller, thinner people. Worn below the belly button, they appear more casual, emphasizing the abs and accentuating the wait.  Be wary if you are of shorter stature because low rise pants tend to cut the height of the wearer.

Don’t Forget the Leg Cut

 The final step in finding the perfect jean cut is discovering which leg cut looks best on your body shape.  Skinny legs, for examples, should be reserved for slimmer builds. Curvy girls and beefier men will find that this cut rounds the hips and makes the waist stand out.

Straight legs, however, are made to hide a lot of flaws, including full calves.  Flared or boot cut jeans can correct a lot of body issues including thicker thighs and legs.

Your Final Cut Choices

So, what exactly should you be looking for in your next pair of jeans?  If you are on the slimmer side, opt for straight legged, low rise pants. Athletic builds can easily pull off a slim fit, straight legged, boot cut; while stockier wearers will find the bigger legs of the regular cut more appealing. Avoid flares or boot cut legs though, since they can actually make you appear heavier.

Plus size bodies should opt for a high-rise jean to help flatten the belly, with a looser straight legged fit. Taller plus size wearers can go for a flared leg or boot cut, but shorter wearers will find that their legs are shortened by this style.

If you have ever found yourself throwing more jeans out of the fitting room than you find yourself keeping, you aren’t alone. Finding the perfect fit takes time, patience, a little know how. Use the tips here to find the cut that looks best on you and you’ll soon find yourself rocking the perfect pair of jeans.

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