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Mix and Match These 5 Eye-Catching Fashion Trends

Fashion trends can change dramatically from year to year. While keeping up with the style evolution each season is key to dressing the part, knowing how to wear each look is equally important. With certain fashion trends, less is more. The following are five of the most eye-catching fashion trends of this year, as well as tips on how to wear them to make the perfect impact:

Combining Dressy and Sporty Elements

This surprising trend has been spotted the past few years, but is gaining momentum for 2019. It takes the form of track suit-inspired looks and athletic cuts for jackets and blazers. You’ll also see stripes and contrasting colors in casual tops and pants. Try pairing fitted bicycle shorts with a traditional blazer (trust us, it works!) While these looks aren’t appropriate for every setting, they create a compelling blend of casual and chic that’s ideal for weeknight evenings and weekend afternoons.

Strategic Splashes of Patterns

Break up solid colors and more homogenous outfits with a dash of visual interest. The right animal print belt or pair of short boots can spice up daytime and evening looks without overdoing it. Plaid or “tartan” patterns are also on trend; consider accessorizing your classic wardrobe combinations with a plaid handbag or checkered scarf. Floral patterned accessories are perfect for spring and summer outfits.

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Modern Goth

This trend should be used sparingly, but adding a bit of the unexpected to your wardrobe ensures you’ll never get bored. While the Goth look has been associated with tattoos, piercings and very edgy outfit choices, you don’t have to go that far. A studded belt, a leather hat or even a black satin scarf can be just enough to convey this look without committing to it entirely. You can be selective with this trend for daytime outings or push the envelope for evening events.

One-Piece Outfits

This fashion trend simplifies wardrobe decisions while creating a sleek and stylish look. It’s suitable for both the workplace and nighttime functions. While classic jumpsuits accented with modern accessories fit the bill, the boiler suit is also in favor this year. Traditionally known as a kind of uniform for manual labor, these outfits become instantly feminine by adding a belt, scarf and/or eye-catching jewelry for visual interest. These suits are available in a range of unforgettable fabric colors and patterns. A modern take on this uniform transports them far beyond their original utilitarian purpose.

Thinner fabrics make the one-piece outfit fashion trend ideal for warmer weather; however, another trending approach to this outfit style is the romper. This is essentially a summer version of the pantsuit and features shorts or a skirt attached to a fashionable blouse or tank style shirt. These outfits come in a range of styles to ensure you can find the perfect look for each occasion. One-piece outfits are also easily accessorized with oversized metal jewelry.

Tiny Handbags

It seemed like oversized purses and handbags were on-trend for at least a decade; now the pendulum has swung all the way in the other direction. Super-small handbags “force” you to streamline and downsize what you carry along, and many women are finding this refreshing. The tiny handbag simplifies your decision-making while also adding visual interest to even the most basic wardrobe creations. Pick up tiny purses in an array of subtle and bold colors to ensure you always have the perfect accessory.

Knowing how to wear a fashion trend is just as important as knowing what the trends are for each season. Try out these five eye-catching ideas this year to make an impact in both your daytime and evening looks.

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