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The STYLEFAV Denim Guide was crafted to take the headache out of finding the perfect pair of jeans. One of the key factors to understanding denim and ultimately finding that perfect pair of jeans is understanding fit. So we’ve put together a comprehensive list with fits and some fashion tips. Let’s jump in!


Straight jeans are probably one of the most common fits of denim and we know that you’ve probably owned at least one pair of these jeans in your lifetime. These jeans are great everyday jeans, what makes them straight fit is the fact that they do not taper and keep a straight leg from waistband to the ankle. 


The rise of slim fit jeans saw the creation of a more fitted silhouette in the world of denim. The slim fit jeans are quite similar to the straight jeans however, what differs is the tapering. Slim fit jeans taper from just below the knee to the ankle and create a more fitted look on the calf through to the hem.  


Skinny jeans, they hug you and accentuate your curves. Unlike the straight and slim fit jeans, skinny jeans forms to your body from your waist-band to your ankle. 


The boyfriend jeans got their name from the idea that they fit like you stole them from your boyfriend! They sport a looser and more lounge like and comfortable  appearance and fit. Boyfriend jeans are often styled for more casual and relaxed looks. 


Loose fit jeans kind of speak for themselves but there is still a bit of a mystery to their aesthetic. These jeans are directed more at men. They are very casual and don’t hold onto anything but the waist. 

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Also known as bell bottoms flared jeans had a big movement in the 1980’s and the silhouette has been making a serious comeback. Flared jeans are fitted at the thighs and begin to widen from the knees down, eventually forming a wide bell shape  at the hem. The silhouette can be quite flattering and is great for creating a new look when trying to switch up your personal style. 


Made for wearing boots, boot cut jeans fit closely to thigh and  are crafted with a bit of widening between the knee and ankle. Chelsea boots, ankle boots or calf highs any of these styles can be paired and styled with a good boot cut jeans. 


Wide jeans had their rise in the early to mid 2000s. Very popular among the hip hop celebrities of the time, wide jeans have made their way back to us. They are a great out of the box option for you to explore your style. Wide jeans can definitely be styled up for a casual day at the office and styled down for an early   Sunday morning brunch with friends. 


Just about any style of jeans can be distressed. Distressed refers to the ripping, fraying or fading of your jeans,  distressed designs can be minimalist or excessive. The distressing of jeans can often be found at the thighs, knees and hems of jeans. 


Think back to the 90’s sitcoms this is where you will find the mom jeans in their original element.  Described as unflattering and unattractive mom jeans have grown to become a go to jeans for the young, old and young at heart. The high-waists , slight tapering and light washes are drawing many to making this style a major player in their closet. 

Denim and specifically jeans have become a mainstay in the creation of personal style and even though there are some many different styles, there is no need to get overwhelmed. Have fun try something new and we are sure you’ll find the perfect denim for you. 

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