Shop Concepts d’Odeur

Brand Information

Brand Origin: Sweden

Concepts d’Odeur was founded by Art director and Designer Petter Hollström in Stockholm in 2006 as a brand experiment labeled ‘Odeur’. By replacing the traditional word-based logotype with a brand specific scent that is infused in the garments, Odeur was able to become the label with a non-visual logotype.
The scent is described as white, clean and light. The triangular shape often used to brand the collection represents the construction of the scent – with a base note, middle note and top note.

The collections are developed drawing from a wide range of inspirations. Elements incorporated are always present in our direct surroundings, including musical, contemporary art, film and architectural references. Concepts d’Odeur embraces such open interaction through its uni-sex and multidisciplinary approach towards design.

Today Concepts d’Odeur is designed by Petter Hollström and Gorjan Lauseger and has a global reach and network of retailers, selling clothing, jeans, outerwear, footwear and accessories.