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Top 5 Wardrobe Essentials!

Fashion is a continuous circle and every season new trends come and go. Though a great deal of these trends will grab our attention and even your hard earned cash, trends are out as fast as they are in and that sometimes leaves us with beautiful pieces that we no longer utilise. While shopping the new-in section is exciting we have to bring a balance to our personal style and our closets, so every once in a while it is important to visit the essentials section. The concept of essential pieces may vary depending on your closet needs but there are the top five wardrobe essentials that every girl needs.

The Plain White T-shirt 

Though you might think this piece is only for casual  looks the white t-shirt might actually be the most versatile piece you may ever own. It’s styling options are boundless and its simplicity will make it a go to piece in your closet. From an addition to a business suit , to layering and everything in between the white t-shirt offers a clean crisp and minimalist aesthetic that cannot be argued with.


Jeans are a wardrobe staple and they have really come a long way from their humble beginnings. Dynamic and versatile jeans can be paired with anything to go anywhere you just have to put them on. The evolution of jeans has been and still to this day is rapid and exciting. is what makes them so exciting and such a great addition to your wardrobe. The constant evolution of jeans means that you will always be afforded the opportunity to find the right fit and rise for you will constantly being met by styles that can flow with and balance out your personal style.

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Tailored Blazer

The tailored blazer made its way onto this list for both color and design. Black is a color that can flatter, enhance and compliment. As a result from a color perspective this piece will go with basically anything in your wardrobe. However from a design perspective as well the black blazer shows its worthiness. A tailored blazer will keep you business ready and put together all at the same time. Pair with a matching pair of slacks or a pleated midi skirt for a boardroom affair. However, the tailored blazer doesn’t have to be all business it can also be styled  be sexy. Many celebrities have looked to the tailored blazer and fashion week create sex appeal in a conservative way. Styling this piece with silk camis, and bicycle shorts for an out of the box juxtaposition type of styling . Often playing the elements of hard and soft against each other to create fashion.

 Little Black Dress 

The perfect piece for every special occasion, I said it before and I’ll say it again black is a color that can flatter, enhance and compliment. There is a reason the little black dress has solidified its position in the wardrobe must-haves and that is because it flatters and compliments both figuratively and literally. The little black will work with you always and keep you stylish and in fashion no matter what. Another positive to this piece is that they are in abundance and variety, from straps to strapless, long sleeves and everything in-between the variety of little black dress styles are great. There is no doubt about it, you will find the perfect little black dress just for you.

Structured Coat

Outerwear can play a great role in completing or balancing out an outfit. A structured coat can elevate a casual outfit or add that perfect finishing touch to an already fashion forward look. When looking for a wardrobe must have coat , minimalism and neutrality should be kept to the forefront of your mind. Simple colors and simplistic patterns are key as well as streamline design aesthetics. This piece is meant to compliment and add dimension but not to over power.

With trends coming and going abundantly and speedily, it can be both difficult and overwhelming trying to style yourself and feel fashionable. However, sometimes it is in the basics  section of our wardrobe that we find our most fashionable selves. By using essentials as your core fashion and allow trends to be accessories you may find the world of fashion a bit easier to navigate. So start building your essentials collection these five  pieces are a great place to start.

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